"Discover How a Stay at Home Mom,
with Zero Business Experience, Perfected the System for Selling Millions of Dollars of Content..."

Here's How You Can Get Paid Over and Over Again for Simple Articles, Reports, and Blog Posts - Even if You Never Write a Single Word!

Dear Fellow Content Creator,

If you’re a writer or content publisher, you may not know it, but you are quite likely sitting on a goldmine right now. Sit tight because in the next few minutes, I’ll show you exactly how you can tap into that resource to generate a burst of extra cash when you need it or even create a reliable steady full time income.

While many writers and publishers go through the usual feast and famine of online selling, this is something I’ve been doing successfully since 2006 and have sold millions of dollars in content, much of it, I never wrote.
In fact, I’ve perfected a system that allowed me to say good-bye to our J-O-B forever and support my entire family, so I can be home where needed to raise my family and have the lifestyle freedom I've always dreamed of.

It’s a business method that took us through a recession and a weak U.S. dollar that resulted in a potentially crushing 40% pay cut in 2007.

You see, online businesses are ready to fork over tons of cash for content they can monetize and publish, especially when you can offer it an affordable price. 

Once you have a list of customers - and they will come flocking for that content - they’ll keep buying from you over and over again. If you’ve tried to sell other products online, you know that’s not always easy to accomplish. 

Before I go any further though, let’s make sure this is right for you by asking you a few questions….

Do Any of the Following Apply to You?

  • Do you love to write, but don’t want to work with clients or have to publish the content yourself?
  • Do you have an ebook or information product that you’re retiring and want to turn it into extra income?
  • Do you have a huge library of content you’ve created over the years, but it’s just collecting virtual dust on your hard drive or sitting on a website without any traffic?
  • Or let’s get to the nitty gritty… Do you want to tap into a very lucrative market filled with hungry buyers that will buy from you over and over again?

If you answered yes to ANY of the above, you’re in the right place. And the best thing is, whether you’re a talented writer who wants to earn a living from your skills OR even if you loathe writing, you can make it in this business.

I’m talking about selling private label rights content, or PLR, as it’s often called. If you’re not familiar with the concept, here’s how it works:

  • You put together a package of articles, a report, email messages or any type of content that is in demand for online businesses.
  • You offer that content for sale at a low price and allow your buyers to edit, monetize and publish that content as their own.
  • Because you’re selling the content at a low price, you don’t have to offer any type of exclusive rights and you can sell the content as many times as you’d like. Hundreds or thousands of times, if you’d like.

It’s the perfect opportunity because it doesn’t require any special skills, but the more skilled you are (and I can help you get there), the better results you’ll get.

Here are a few reasons I love the PLR business and why I’m sure you’re going to love it too…

It’s a Pleasure to Pay Affiliates – $88,221.88 to My Top Affiliate

One of the secrets to success as a PLR seller is to build a great sales affiliate team. By continuously making good offers that my affiliates can promote with confidence, I’ve grown a loyal team that promotes my content month after month.

Here are a few words from my top affiliate and her experience with selling affordable PLR products.

As of November 2015, I've earned $88,221.88 in pure profit by sharing Alice's PLR programs. That's a pretty nice little income stream considering I didn't have to create the products, write sales pages, or even offer customer support. Alice handled all of that. I just suggested that the awesome people on my lists either "Go grab this great deal" or "Go get this free PLR" and they do. A lot of big named marketers think you can't promote affordable items and make money. I disagree and Alice is proof of that.

- Nicole Dean, NicoleDean.com

Profiting from the Same Content Repeatedly…Even on a Whim

In addition to creating new products for my customers, I often recycle content and make it useful to my customers. For example, if I’m retiring an information product of my own, I’ll turn it into a PLR product.

Customers who trust you and love your content will jump at the chance to purchase a product that has already been proven to sell.

Or if I’ve just done a presentation that I don’t plan using again, I’ll package up the slides and the script and offer PLR rights.

Or sometimes, I’ll even take older PLR packages, polish them up and sell them all over again. As long as I’m providing value to my customers, they’re buying. That’s what you see in the image below. I repackaged it up on a whim, put it up for a 3-day sale and earned an extra $4,522.50 that I never would have had otherwise.

This is all from content I already sold before and why I keep saying, if you've already created content, you could be sitting on a goldmine right now. 

And seriously, to show you how easy this stuff is to sell...

PLR Offers a Great Bang per Click

When you send targeted traffic to a PLR offer, it’s an amazing thing to see those sky high conversion rates and impressive earnings per click (EPC). Many offers convert at 20% and higher. That means out of every 100 visitors, 20 will buy. And a well-designed offer can provide $3-5 per click or even higher.

Here’s a little screenshot of some PLR offers I’ve been involved with through JVZoo. These are the overall campaign stats…from all traffic that was sent to the offer, targeted or not. Impressive, hey?

And remember when I told you it didn't require any special skills? Well...

It’s So Easy, Even a 12 Year Old Kid Can Do It

This is my 12 year old son, Nathan. Several months ago, I noticed the growing trend of adult coloring books. You know those mandala and pattern designs that are so popular? People were selling these books like crazy.

I saw an opportunity to provide our PLR customers with a coloring book of their own that they could publish, but I personally didn’t want to take the time to make the coloring book.

I casually mentioned at my house, “I wish I had someone to make a coloring book like that."

My 12 year old son spoke up and said, “I can do it.” In just 24 hours, he had 24 designs ready to sell.

The product was done within 24 hours and he had something up for sale the following day. We sold 185 of them in just a couple of weeks. He’s pretty darn happy about that and he’s learned that he can put things together and get them selling online quickly.

Now, I’m sure this all is starting to sound great, but you might be thinking….

Isn’t It More Lucrative to Work as a Ghostwriter?

Unless you are one of the highest paid ghostwriters online, this scenario is quite unlikely. Yes, it’s true you only have to find one buyer (your client) to get paid in full, but the amount you make from one client pales in comparison to how much you could sell if you offered private label rights.

But more than that, selling PLR lets you break free from the hassle of demanding clients. When you sell your own PLR, you decide the topics and how to create the products. Your buyers either take it or they leave it, and trust me, many are going to take whatever you put out.

Isn’t This Like Selling Resell Rights?

Not exactly, it’s better. If you’re not sure what resell rights means, it’s packaging up content and giving your customers the rights to publish that content as is. So, if you put together an ebook, they would receive the PDF file and could resell it or give it away, but they couldn’t brand or edit it. This is far less attractive to a potential buyer because they want content they can modify for their audience and to brand it so it blends in with their marketing seamlessly.

So when you offer PLR rights instead, you’re offering EXACTLY what the busy online business owner needs and they’re willing to pay good money for it.

What if You Want to Do This Part Time?

That can easily be done. In March 2014, a family friend needed to earn some extra income. He could write decently, but wasn’t someone who considered himself a writer. He also had a full-time job that he always intended to keep, so he had to plan his available time accordingly. He enjoys his real-world career (weird, I know), so the business was just going to supplement his employment income.

All he did was pick up some content he could resell as PLR because he didn't think he'd have time to write the content. Then he set out to create a bunch of products and continually adds a few every month. He spends about 6 hours a month on his business.

In one year, he sold $20,711.60 in PLR and earned $5,246.50 in affiliate commissions.

Not too shabby for 1.5 hour a week job, don’t you think?

Now I'm sure this is probably the biggest question of all…

If This Business is So Profitable for You, Why Are You Creating Competition for Yourself?

Believe it or not, I don’t consider other PLR sellers competition and for very good reason. Like I mentioned, this is a super hungry market and I can’t possibly create all the PLR that they need. When new PLR sellers come along, I instantly have more products I can offer my customers as an affiliate. Plus, that means I can also gather more sellers for my affiliate force as well.

Personally, I’d rather work with someone for mutual benefit than against them, so I’m really hoping that you'll be one of those people I can work with. If this sounds good to you, let me share what we’ve got in store for you….

Here’s How You Can Be One of The Select Few Who Get in on This

My business partner, Ron Douglas, and I have been working to help writers earn a living from their writing and they’ve been begging us for more in-depth training on getting in on the PLR business. Because of that, we’ve put this opportunity together for a limited number of people.

If you don’t know Ron, he’s a New York Times bestselling author and product seller who has sold well over a million books and ebooks. He specializes in creating high-value offers and recently pulled of a product launch with $103,954.04 revenue in 6 days.

Together, we take pride in providing our students with training they need to success, but more than that, we offer the support and tools to get there quickly. And that’s exactly what we’re doing here with our intensive Content Cash Flow Program. 

Here’s What You Can Expect When You Sign Up For
The Content Cash Flow Program
All the information you need is below, but hurry, the first online class starts in a few days and we don’t want you to miss a single moment. Add to that, space is limited, so it’s best to secure your spot now. 


1) Nearly 4 1/2 Hours of Guided Step-by-Step Training:  
We walk you through the ins and outs for selling your products and maximizing your income. You can watch the video lessons or download the PDF transcript versions if you prefer to read. Here is just some of what this 4+ hour session covers. 

  • Finding your own profitable niche and unique position within the PLR market
  • How to repackage existing products and content you may already have into useful products for your customers
  • Creating products that your customers will love to buy, but require the least amount of work from you
  • How to find images that you can legally sell as PLR (BIG HINT: You cannot include regular royalty-free stock photos in your PLR content)
  • Adding high-value extras, so you can sell your products at a higher price
  • Putting together and managing an in-demand membership to create a recurring revenue stream for you and your affiliates
  • Pricing strategies to position yourself as a premium PLR provider
  • The very best tools of the trade to start selling and how to make the most of them
  • Putting together your sales pages and promotional materials that sell your products effectively
  • Using free PLR offers to grow your mailing list and convert subscribers into customers quickly
  • Recruiting and working with affiliates who will be first in line to promote each time you release a new product
  • Maximizing your income. As a PLR seller, you have a unique position as the owners of a huge content library. We’ll show you how to make the most of this opportunity beyond selling PLR products.

…All taught through real world examples and proven results. You’ll get an inside look into my PLR business and other successful sellers too. This is definitely NOT theory here.

2) Pre-Recorded Q&A Session (Just Completed) 
After the original recording of the training session, we got together with our students to answer their additional questions about selling PLR. We talked about product creation, selling, advertising and more. We just completed this 2 hour and 15 minute session and the recordings and transcripts will be provided soon.  

3) Templates and Checklists:
We’ll make sure you stay on track and have the templates and checklists you need to make this process as easy as possible. Here’s some of what you can expect…
  • PLR Business Planning Checklist: If you want to set up a full-fledged PLR business and not just go from launch to launch, this checklist includes exactly what you need.
  • Product Release Checklist: Stay on track through your whole product launch process with this checklist that takes from idea to cashing in.
  • Hiring a Writer Checklist: Smart PLR sellers know it’s important to delegate some or all of their content creation, so they can focus on selling their product. To make your outsourcing experience as smooth as possible and so you get the finished product you want, this checklist is a must have. I’ve been working with ghostwriters and running my own ghostwriting business for nearly 10 years, so I’ve learned a trick or two.
  • Topic Brainstorming Sheet: Some of your most important decisions will be what topics to cover in your products. This brainstorming sheet will help you create the hottest selling products for your customers as possible.
  • Email Promotion Templates: Use these templates to create surefire email marketing campaigns to get more sales for you and for your affiliates too.
  • Promotion Calendar: Stay on track with your releases, promotions and more with this handy promotion calendar. 
  • Content Creation Templates: Whether you create the content yourself or hire out, these templates will make it much easier to get the job done. Some of the templates included are articles, recipes, product reviews, product comparisons and reports. 
  • PLR Product Sales Page Template: Use my proven templates to sell your products effectively. Give the typical PLR buyer exactly what they need to know to make an informed decision.
  • Free PLR Offer Opt-in Template: The money is in the list and the great thing about free PLR offers is they grow your subscriber list, but if you do them right, they’ll also convert into customers immediately. This template will help you accomplish that.

4) 10 Ready-Made PLR Products to Sell 

We’ve got 10 ready-to-sell packages to help make it easier for you to get started. We’ve even included some suggested text for your sales page that you can use as a template.  

Here’s what you get: 

  • 10 articles on Book Publishing
  • 10 articles on Business Start Up
  • 13-page Content Marketing Report and ecover set
  • 10 articles on Goal Setting
  • 10-page Money Stress Report and ecover set
  • 11-page Nutrition Report and ecover set
  • 10 articles on Real Estate
  • 10 articles on Self-Help
  • 12-page Sustainable Living report and ecover set
  • 10 work at home articles

And you have full resell rights to sell this content as PLR that your customers can publish. The only thing you can’t do is let others sell it as PLR. The resell rights are for you only.

Here's What Just A Couple of Our Students
Have to Say about Content Cash Flow

Content Cash Flow Blew Me Away!

I write for clients (and myself) so I always wondered if I could write and sell PLR like Alice does. I've been a customer of hers for years. When I first heard about the Content Cash Flow course I immediately signed up. Absolutely no hesitation because everything Alice does is quality stuff! I thought the course would be an ebook or something like that -- but was I blown away!

It's far beyond what I expected. I've spent many, many thousands of dollars on courses since I started working online in 2002. Honestly, I have found more value in this course than ANY other one I have taken - it actually teaches the details of HOW - with a personal touch. If you're thinking about signing up, I can tell you with all integrity, this is an Awesome Course!

Highly recommended.

Deb Augur

What I like about programs like CCF is that they are run by people who 'walk the talk,' actually doing what they teach.
What I also liked was that Alice and Ron make themselves fully available to offer individual help, taking people from theory to real life results.

Alice suggested a couple of tweaks I could make. I made the changes and the result was sales coming in - you can't ask for a better result of a program than that, so thanks Alice and Ron for CCF!

Gordon Bryan

Let's talk about the extras you're going to get when you register today...

3 Limited Time Shortcut to Success Bonuses:
Worth Far More Than the Price of Admission

We want to help you succeed and are willing to go the extra mile and offer more than just training to start your PLR business. I'll promote your product to my customers, give you access to my affiliates AND the connections it took me years to develop.

As you can imagine, these have to be limited because we can't offer it to everyone signs up. That's why it's important you register right now to secure these unique success opportunities for yourself while they're still available. 

Success Bonus #1 - Your Product Promoted to My Customers:
The ready-made products are available to get you started quickly, but once you put together your own unique product and it's up for sale, I will review it and provided you’ve got a quality product her customers will love, I will promote it for you.
Success Bonus #2 - Your Affiliate Offer Promoted to My PLR Affiliates:
Over the past 9 years, I’ve built up a loyal affiliate force, including some pretty big earners. If your offer provides good returns when I share it with my customers, I will also recommend my affiliates sign up to promote your products. 
Success Bonus #3 - Priority Consideration for Secret PLR Sellers Group:

It’s not easy to get into this exclusive group, but if you offer original content and prove to have a record of satisfied customers and pay your affiliates on time, you will be eligible for priority consideration. This is a group of high-level sellers who share advice, work to promote one another products and provide support to accelerate your business. This is definitely a place every PLR seller wants to be.

Are you ready to tap into a market of hungry buyers, just wanting to scoop up your PLR content?...

Let us Help You Succeed

With the live training, ready-to-use templates and checklists, plus the additional support to help you get started, we would normally charge between $1,499 and $2,499 for this type of program. But as a special introductory offer, we’re letting a limited number of new students jump in for a lot less.

The cost if you get in today is only one payment of just $497 or two payments of just $279. It's a small investment to take the guesswork out of breaking into the PLR market with a bang.

However, special offer to promote your product and to share it with my affiliates has to be limited and will be removed from this page soon, so act now to lock in your spot by choosing your payment option below...

Option 1: Best Value
$497 One Time Payment Only

Option 2: Budget Option
2 Payments of Just $279

If you're ready to turn your content into steady cash, this is your chance to get a sneak peek into what it really takes to make it in the PLR business. While it's a highly lucrative opportunity, I've seen a lot of sellers come and go over the years simply because they didn't have the insider's knowledge and connections to make it happen. 

You've got an advantage over all those people, but only if you book your spot now. 

We look forward to seeing you in class and working with you. 

See you on the inside,

Alice Seba

P.S. Forget the sporadic income that so many content publishers face. We'll show you exactly what you need to know to create a reliable income and we'll even provide you with the personal support to help get you there. 

Limited "Shortcut to Success Bonuses"
Available for a Short Time Longer Only...Register Now