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Make Money Selling Information Products (pdf)

Information products are a perfect way to add a passive stream of revenue to your business. You create your information product once and then sell it repeatedly through your marketing strategies. Knowledge is a valuable asset in a business. In this lesson, we’re going to look at different types of information products, ways to sell information, how to make money selling info products and how to attract buyers.

LinkedIn Content Domination (pdf)

The content you share on LinkedIn builds your reputation. If it’s quality, relevant information and entertaining, your reputation excels. If it’s not relevant, is inconsistent and poorly constructed your reputation takes a hit. In this lesson, we’re going to look at different styles of content and the best uses for each. We’ll look at choosing the right content, what types of content you shouldn’t post on LinkedIn and more

Turn Anything Into Email Copy (pdf)

Writing copy can be one of the hardest parts of email marketing. You need to find inspiration on what to write and figure out how to use the content you already have for copy. In this guide, there are ideas to help you come up with content when you draw a blank. We’ll look at why keeping a swipe file is one of the secret weapons of most copywriters. Next, we’ll take a page out of your daily life and show you how to use it for email copy. Then we’ll talk about curated content and repurposing your other content.

Google My Business (pdf)

A staggering 1.1 billion daily Google searches are from people looking for products and services in their local geographic area. This amounts to an unprecedented opportunity for you, as a business owner, to increase your sales and revenue simply by letting your local area know about your business. This guide looks at how to set your business up on Google My Business so your website can be a part of those local search results.

Optimizing for Voice Search (pdf)

Voice search is has exploded. It’s more convenient for users to speak with an assistant than to type. And the results of voice queries are faster. People use it on the go, with friends, family, and even in the bathroom. With the increasing use of digital assistants, optimizing for voice search is crucial to SEO success.This guide looks at how to optimize your website and content for this search trend.

Finding Influencers to Connect With (pdf)

There is a lot of evidence that Influencer marketing is an incredibly successful form of getting a brand’s message into the people who are likely to buy it. Brands are using influencers more than ever to build awareness, drive visitors to your site, and create content. This guide will show you how and where to find influencers to work with.

Finding Content for Your Membership (pdf)

Choosing smart partnerships and leveraging another business owner’s audience can be a powerful way to grow your business. When you enter well-matched, beneficial partnerships, you can create a win-win-win situation. You win. The person you partner with wins and the audience wins too. If you’re ready to experience one of these triple wins, try doing one of these activities.

Elevate Your Business: Leveraging The Audience of Others (pdf)

Choosing smart partnerships and leveraging another business owner’s audience can be a powerful way to grow your business. When you enter well-matched, beneficial partnerships, you can create a win-win-win situation. You win. The person you partner with wins and the audience wins too. If you’re ready to experience one of these triple wins, try doing one of these activities.

Market Your Business at Conferences & Events Planner (pdf)

Attending live events is a major marketing opportunity that many business owners shy away from for a variety of reasons. But remember that in your overall business plan, you shouldn’t be planning ONLY for the quick sale. Ultimately, you want people to remember you and you should develop relationships with others both online and in real life, so they will refer you to their circle of friends. This planner shows you how.

Developing Your Success Mindset guide and planner (zip)


Mindset is an important part of your success as a professional writer. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don’t have the mindset to achieve your goals, no matter what obstacles come your way, that talent won’t matter. This success mindset guide and planner will help you get you where you need to be.

A Writer’s Guide to Free Targeted Website Traffic guide, worksheet and checklist (zip)

This Writer’s Guide to Free Targeted Website Traffic and checklist gives you plenty of great ideas for generating traffic to your website, products, and services. You’ll learn about setting up a content funnel, writing for others to get traffic, using Facebook Live and more.

Planning Your Book and Launch guide, worksheet, and checklist (zip)
Writing Your Book guide, worksheet, and checklist (zip)
Publishing Your Book guide, worksheet, and checklist (zip)
Marketing Your Book guide, worksheet, and checklist (zip)


This Elite Writer’s Lab 4-part tutorial gives you everything you need to plan, write and sell your best-selling book. This package includes useful step-by-step instructions, checklists, and worksheets, so you don’t miss a step.

Personalizing Your Content (or Your Client’s Content) for More Profits guide, worksheet and checklist(zip)


This Elite Writer’s Lab guide, worksheet and checklist gives you everything you need to engage your readers and customers (or the readers and customers of your clients) by personalizing the content you show them.

Discover Your Expertise and Profit (pdf)


Every writer has something to offer their audience in terms of expertise, even if we don’t see it immediately. This planner will help you discover your expertise and turn it into a profit center for you.

Online Book Tour Planner (pdf)


So your book is ready…now you need buyers. You may not be able to travel all over the country to promote your book for a variety of reasons. But what you can do is do an online book tour that is cost effective and efficient in getting more exposure for your book.

Best Selling Book Planner (pdf)


Writing a book is a HUGE accomplishment and you should be proud of it. However, once the book is written, the whole point is for the book to sell. You can’t just publish the book and expect it to take off without any effort on your part. There is too much competition and too many titles on the market. With the right planning and actions, you can set your book up for success and create a bestselling title! Having a bestseller not only earns you money but it opens so many doors.

Blog Content Planner (pdf)


Creating content for your blog can feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a plan. When you plan your content for your blog, strategically, it will feel less stressful. Blogging doesn’t have to feel like “too much” on your to-do list. This easy-to-use planner makes it a snap to create a blog plan and get your content done.

Content Curation: Leveraging the Content of Others to Magnify Your Marketing Guide, Workbook, and Checklist (zip)


Content curation means sharing with your audience the best content produced by others. Curating content strategically involves finding, organizing, and publishing the most relevant content for your audience in a way that adds value to already exceptional material.

This guide shows you how to leverage this powerful opportunity and includes a workbook, checklist and spreadsheets to help you put what you learn into action quickly.

Using Your Writing Skills to Start a Private Label Rights Content Business (pdf)PLR Business: Getting Started Checklist (pdf)How to Brainstorm PLR Topics Checklist (pdf) 

Private label rights content, or PLR for short, is content that site owners purchase along with the right to put their name on it. It’s similar to ghostwritten content, only it is not exclusive. The PLR seller retains the right to sell the same content to other customers who can put their own names on it…and you can potentially make a lot more money than as a ghostwriter.

This guide explains how a PLR business works, how to find a niche and how to set yourself apart from the competition. You also get a getting started and content brainstorming checklists.

A Solopreneur Writer’s Guide to Business Branding (pdf)

Business Branding Checklist (pdf)


Branding is one of the most important aspects of building a successful business. Yet few writers or solopreneurs ever sit down to think carefully about their branding strategy.

Fortunately, branding isn’t just for the big boys any more. Small business owners can brand their business effectively as well once they know how.

15 Days to Write Better, Faster and Make More Impact on Your Audience (pdf)


Take your writing from “good” to “expert” level in a very short time window. This course is jam-packed. Every day will include one lesson with a treasure trove of new information. Then, we’ll follow that day’s topic with a homework assignment. Be prepared to set aside about 30 minutes a day for these assignments.

Boost Your Income and Become a Super Affiliate (pdf)


Passive income. It’s the holy grail of writers, the dream every entrepreneur chases.

But passive income isn’t just one plan or income stream. It’s made up of several different types of cash flowing into your business, and one of the most popular is affiliate sales.

Planning Your Webinar to Get More Clients, Sell More Books and Info Products (pdf)


When it comes to coaching tools, you have lots of options, especially for connecting with your audience. But none are so flexible as webinars. In just a few minutes by following a simple plan, you can put the power of webinars to work in your business.

This planner will show you how to determine your goals, schedule and promote your event, plan your content.

Use Podcast Interviews to Get More Readers for Your Books, Content and Products Guide (pdf)

Detailed Interview Booking and Preparation Checklist (pdf)


Many people have listened to podcasts but they may not know how they work from a business owner's perspective. Podcasts have been around for a long time, in internet years. However, business owners, especially those new to online business, are learning earlier and more quickly about what a valuable tool it is for building an audience base. One of the ways to use this technology to your business advantage (whether as an author, product sellers, blogger or service provider) is by giving and hosting podcast interviews. 

50 Ways to Market Your Self-Published Book (pdf)


Writing a book is hard work and now you’ve done it. What next? Now you have to sell the book…which isn’t always the favorite part for die-hard writers.

The great thing is that there are so many ways that you can market your self-published book that you can find something that fits with your personality and needs.

9 Steps to Getting More Passive Income Guide and Workbook (pdf)


It might just be the number one complaint of coaches and service providers: trading time for money.

Of course, you love your clients. You enjoy helping them solve their biggest problems and watching them succeed. You genuinely like the work you do, whether it’s helping out with a technical glitch, or talking a client through a tough mindset issue.

Profit from Kindle Singles (pdf)


A great way to profit from Kindle is to publish Kindle Singles. These are short eBooks that you can publish to Kindle. They are shorter than a novel, and can even be as short as a typical short story. Anywhere from 5,000 words to 30,000 words will fit with a Kindle Single, although it works best for shorter works.

Amazon calls them “Kindle Singles” because they think of it kind of like introducing one song of an entire album of music, but for books instead. They can be on any topic. You can publish fiction, essays, reports, studies and even memoirs this way.

Public Speaking Like a Pro (pdf)


According to Psychology Today, the biggest fear for most people is not heights, not starvation, not being robbed, no – not even death – it is public speaking. It’s a shame because there really isn’t anything particularly scary or dangerous about public speaking. But, it kind of feels like you’re prey because everyone is staring at you, and sometimes it feels as if people are waiting for you to mess up.

But, the truth is, no one is waiting for you to mess up and everyone who is watching you is actually rooting for you. Plus, if you’re the expert they have no idea if you mess up or got something wrong. It’s all in your own perception, really. That’s what causes your fear, too. If you can change your perception and realize that no one expects perfection, you’ll actually start enjoying your talks.

The more you enjoy your talks, the more your audience will get from them, too. So let’s jump right into it and try to understand how to overcome fear while speaking in public.

Get Paid Before You Create Your Info Product (pdf)

A very lucrative way to earn money online today is by creating and selling information products. An information product can be in the form of an e-book, audio recording, video, or a combination of all of these.

Most information products are created and then marketed after the fact. This carried a lot of risks. What if the audience didn’t want or need that information? What if you didn’t sell enough to break even, much less make a profit?

By selling the idea in advance you’ll know if you have a good product or not, not only for the first group of buyers who paid before you created it, but for the buyers who buy the product later after you’ve repackaged it. This guide will show you how.

NEW! Monetize Your Amazon Author Page (pdf)

If you publish on Amazon, whether as a Kindle author, Create Space author, or with a traditional publishing house, you are entitled to an “Author Page.”

Just like the about page on your website, this is where Amazon browsers go when they want to know more about you. But many authors simply don’t take the time to make the most out of their author page, and they’re missing out—not only on an opportunity to make a great impression, but on the chance to earn more money as well. This guide will show you how.

10 Days to Your income Boosting Sales Letter: Copywriting Challenge (pdf)

We’re really excited about this course because copywriting is one of the most profitable skills you can develop. You already know how to write, but once you know how to create your own cash-pulling copy, you can virtually write your own ticket in life!

Whether you sell your own products, sell affiliate products or you want to write for someone else, this challenge will help boost your income.

All you need to do is follow this course for the next 10 days! That will put everything into bite-sized chunks, so you can focus on putting your best work into each step. You can certainly work faster if you’d like.

Planning and Running Your Exposure Boosting Book Signing Event (zip)

So you wrote a book, huh? Excellent! Now is when the real work begins.

Your new job – as you may have already discovered – is as book promoter. You’ll be coordinating interviews, writing guest blogs, managing PPC ads and doing a host of other activities designed to get the word out about your new book.

And the best way to create a buzz and get people excited about your book? A good old-fashioned book signing. Imagine a crowd of eager fans all waiting for you to appear, read a bit from your latest bestseller, and answer questions. It’s the scene that’s filled many would-be authors’ daydreams, and now that you have a book, it can become your reality.

All it takes is a little planning and organization. To help you, we’ve put together the guide and 10 checklists/worksheets to make it a snap.

The New Fiverr: How to Profit from Your Services (zip)

Some service providers think that they won’t make enough money or that people who will hire them via Fiverr are undervaluing their services. However, if you plan strategically, you can use Fiverr to build an amazingly profitable service based business. It starts with building your product funnel, starting with a basic five dollar offer and then adding on valuable extras to make your gig even better and more profitable.

This guide and checklist will help you make the most of your Fiverr projects.

Grow Your Mailing List with Your Kindle Books (zip)

Kindle provides direct access to millions of ready-to-buy buyers, but if you're not growing your own mailing list from your sales, you're missing out. This month's resource shows you how.

This guide and checklist takes you through the process of coming up with your book idea, opt-in offer and more. 

Authenticity in Business (zip)

Authenticity can often seem like an overused word or a catch-phrase for business, but it is a very concept you need to understand if you want to run your business online.

This guide and checklist helps you understand your core values and how to relate to your audience, so they become your loyal followers and cheerleaders.

Product Offers Your Customers Can't Wait to Buy (zip)

Creating product offers that generate interest and sales can be a tricky process, if you aren’t quite sure what you’re doing. But there are steps you can take to create a product offer that not only resonates with your dream customers, but also that is easy to sell.

In this recourse, we show you how to connect with your ideal customer to create product offers they can’t wait to buy.

Guide and checklist included. 

Creating High Converting Content (zip)

You know that content is the foundation of your business. You use it to drive traffic. You use content to engage your audience and to learn about their wants, needs, and goals.

Content is used to build a brand, to establish authority and a number of other goals. One of the primary goals for your content is to convert. You convert prospects to leads and leads to customers.

This resource gives 8 strategies that will help you turn prospects into customers and increase sales. We’ve also included a handy checklist to help keep you on track.

Advanced Strategies for Getting More Clients (zip)

Have your current tactics and efforts plateaued so that you’re no longer receiving the same growth from them? Then it’s time to employ some advanced strategies in your business. In this guide you’ll find 9 advanced strategies you can use to get more clients and grow your audience and business.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been at it for a while, this guide will include some helpful tips for you.

Earn an Income with Trade Publications Guide & Checklist (zip)

Trade publications are professional whitepapers, books, magazines, journals, periodicals and newspapers that are written for a specific audience. Some examples of specialized audiences are magazines for the engineering field, human resources field and perhaps the construction industry.

Many professional writers swear by writing for these publications because they have less stringent requirements than mainstream magazines. That means, it’s easier to get your writing accepted and the articles are quicker to write, so you can write more of them…thus, make more money overall.

How to Publish with Smashwords Guide and Checklist (zip)


Smashwords is a service that allows your readers to self-publish their books to a variety of platforms such as Apple iBooks, Nook, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and more. It’s a self-publishing platform, a bookstore, and a book distribution center to help distribute electronic files in a variety of formats.

It’s easy to get started with Smashwords by simply opening a free account, but there are some ins and outs to learn for the best success and that's what this guide and checklist covers.

More Client Referrals at Premium Rates (PDF)


If you’ve got a line up of clients wanting to work with you, it stands to reason, you’ll be able to charge premium rates for your work. One of the best ways to get more clients is through referrals. In fact, did you know that you can expect well over 60% of your business to come from referrals?

The problem is, if you leave it to chance, you will never get the amount of referrals you have potential for. That’s why we’ve outlined a four-step process for you to get more referrals at premium rates.

Landing Pages for Writers Guide and Checklist (zip)


Successful writers know how to effectively grow their list, market their products and sell their services. One way to do this is by creating landing pages to promote your offers. When your visitor is focused on one thing, and one thing only, they are more likely to say yes to signing up for your list, buying your product or hiring you.

This guide explains what landing pages are and why you need them for your business, effective landing page design and boosting response from your pages. The checklist will make it easy to apply what you learn. 

Winning Press Release Hooks (PDF)


As a professional writer, you should definitely be leveraging the power of press releases for your business. Press releases are ideal for attracting media attention, expanding our online exposure and boosting your credibility.

The guide covers creative reasons to send a release, benefits of press releases, integrating releases into your marketing, formatting and distributing your press releases. 

You should also get the press release template and instructions here (zip).

Storytelling in Your Marketing (PDF)


Storytelling isn't just for fiction writing. It's an important part of persuasive writing and makes all your content writing and marketing more powerful. This resource explains how storytelling in your marketing works, what to include in your stories and how to use them in your writing.

We've also included examples to learn from, what to include in your stories, how to write credible stories people will share, common mistakes to avoid and more.

Fiction Publishing Guide & Checklist (zip)


If you've always wanted to publish your fiction writing, but thought weren't sure where to start, this guide and checklist are the perfect resource for you.

The guide covers finding story ideas, choosing a genre, planning your writing, getting support, creating a platform, polishing your book and self-publishing options. We've also included a handy checklist to keep you on track. 

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