5 Lessons Learned After Selling 1.4 Million Books and Ebooks

It’s Alice here. Ron is off vacationing in Grenada with his lovely wife…but me, I’m still here toiling away. Sadly, my suntan is slowly fading, but after spending a lot of summer on the road and now that the kids are back at school, it’s great to just dig in and immerse myself in some work.

It’s hard to believe we’re nearly into the last quarter of 2016 and before you know it, 2017 will be here. But the best part of that is that means our 2nd annual online Best Sellers Summit will soon be here! I’m super excited and we’ll share more details as they develop.

As we’re getting ready for all that, I wanted to take a moment to share our presentation, if you haven’t seen it before:

5 Lessons Learned After Selling Over 1.4 Million Books and Ebooks (Click here to access it for free)


In this presentation, Ron talked about his experience in becoming a New York Times Best Selling author and selling over 1.4 million books and ebooks.

By the way, this was recorded in January of this year and soon after, his publisher informed him he has actually sold over 1.5 million books…and that total only includes traditionally published books/ebooks now. His self-published ebooks are on top of that total. WHOA!

Here’s an email he got from his publisher in February and he shared it with our Elite Writer’s Lab members at the time…


That’s certainly nothing to sneeze at, right?

If you want to learn 5 of the secrets he used to achieve that, go here to watch the presentation.

Bring a pen and paper…be ready to take some notes on what you need to do to finish 2017 the way you planned.