Free Guide to Creating Book and Product Covers

from-digital-tangibleWe’re back with a handy guide to help you create effective book and product covers!

This free guide includes:

  • How to create attention-grabbing book titles
  • 16 fill-in-the-blanks book title templates
  • How to create your book covers, with examples you can learn from
  • Increasing your product’s perceived value with cover graphics…and sell for more.

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Read it and put it to good use. And hey, if you’re an Elite Writer’s Lab member, make sure to drop by the group and get feedback on any titles or covers you’re making.

Your invite is coming…and more video tips

A couple of things to update you on before the weekend.

We have some great takeaways from our interview with live streaming expert, Monique Johnson.


Monique gave some great tips for authors to engage their audience through live video including getting your readers involved as you’re in the process writing your book. You can:

  • Share your progress
  • Give them sneak peeks
  • Brainstorm with them when you get stuck on them

Imagine how loyal your audience becomes when they feel like they’re a part of your creation process. That’s extremely powerful!

She shared technology that makes it easy to conduct videos through live video. Systems like Facebook Live are made for just one individual and that can be intimidating, but if you use Facebook Live with a tool like or, you can include more people in your live videos. We personally used BlueJeans for our interview with Monique.

Monique also encouraged us to approach live video as a testing ground. You never know what will work with your audience until you try it and the great thing about using a platform like Facebook Live is that feedback is instant and built right in. Have a look and see what other writers and other business owners are doing with their live videos and go from there.

The full interview with Monique is available to EWL Monthly members (log in at if you signed up there or at If you’re not a member, consider joining us for $1 here.

Easy Kindle Publishing Strategies

Kindle_allOver the past week, we have shared a ton of marketing tips with you. From affiliate marketing to blogging, all the way to growing your list and using social media, we had you covered.

And as always, these tips can be used with or without the templates…but why make things harder than they have to be?

For today, let’s talk about Kindle Publishing. It’s always a big topic for our writers, so let’s do it right.

Did you know that 71% of all ebooks sold in the United States are sold through Amazon?


Yes its true and ebook sales continue to grow. In fact, self-published authors are not only replacing publishers in the bookstore, they’re taking more of the profits. Authors have learned that they can package and sell their books directly through Amazon’s Kindle program and keep more of the profits than they would if they went through a traditional publisher…and you can be a part of that.

A few Kindle Publishing Strategies for You:

1. Write More than One Book – You make much more money when you publish more than one book. As a fiction writer, this can be accomplished by writing a series. If you look at the romance genre, you’ll see that this is a popular approach. The same approach can be applied to non-fiction. Chicken Soup for the Soul books are a series that has had tremendous success. And when you have a series, kindle will promote your other books with their “frequently bought together” feature and their “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought.”

2. Publish in Multiple Formats and Languages – You can have your book translated and published in different languages. This increases your sales globally. You can also read your book, or have someone else read it, and sell the audio book. You’ll expand your audience and reach and boost your sales.

3. Connect with your Readers – Create a blog and publish content. You don’t have to blog daily. But you certainly can if you want to. Make your content relevant to your audience and genre.

4. Build an Email List – Your blog or website gives you the opportunity to build your email list. One mystery author sends weekly recipes to her email subscribers. Those same recipes are often shared in her books and she fits them into her storytelling. So it all fits together. You don’t have to be this creative. You might give away a free report or a fun monthly newsletter.

5. Promote on Social Media – Social sites like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are packed with readers – your readers. Connect with them. Build a profile for your book or your pen name. Host events. Give away books and share information with your audience.

Make it easier for yourself to publish and market your Kindle books with our Kindle Publishing Template Package that includes:

  • Insider’s Kindle Marketing Strategy Guide
  • Bio Templates with Samples (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
  • Book Sales Page Templates with Samples (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
  • Book Outline Worksheets (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
  • Topic Research Worksheet (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
  • Kindle Templates (Fiction and Non-Fiction) with Formatting Guide
  • Kindle Publishing Checklists (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
  • Book Cover Image Templates (Fiction and Non Fiction)

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