How to Write About a Problem If You Haven’t Experienced It

A good copywriter can write effective copy for any type of product or service, without ever having needed it for themselves. Even if they haven’t experienced a problem personally, they can study it enough to develop an understanding of it, to show empathy for the situation so that they relate to the copy on the page.

Don’t Try to Reinvent the Wheel

Copywriting has been around for ages. People who have products to sell have long been trying to figure out how to get more people to make the decision to buy their products. The tricks of the trade have never stopped working, whether it is a sales page on the internet or a brochure at your dentist’s office.

Get to Know the Audience

One way to develop empathy for your audience is to get to know who they are. What audience are you trying to sell the product to? Why? What problems does it solve for them? What benefits does it have for them? What keeps them up at night? How much money do they earn and how much of that is extra money? Can your product be afforded via extra money, or is it a needed item that can fit into the household budget? All this information is imperative.

Use Reviews or Interview Users of the Product

One way to help write effective copy is to talk to the people who have found success using the product. Even talking to people who haven’t been happy with the product can help tremendously to ensure that you’re targeting the right audience – plus that information can be used to improve the product as well as the copy.

Stick to a Formula

You may not be aware, but there are various copywriting formulas that you can use to help you work through a proper sales page. You can combine them and use them individually. Buffer has a list of 27 copywriting formulas that you can use to make your sales pages and copy even better, and write about problems you’ve never had.

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Show Empathy

To show empathy, use words that denote empathy. For example, saying, “I understand” is a way to show empathy even if you don’t understand. You can also give examples in your words such as this one: “If I had that problem I would be very worried, but I would look to this amazing product to help me because it solves all these problems.”

Choose the Right Words

When writing a sales page, you want to choose the words that your audience uses. A great way to discover their way of talking is to frequent online groups with that audience in it. Observe their discussions, copy down the questions they ask, and write down the way they use the words. Then try to emulate them in your copy so that they feel understood.

Less Is More

Long-form sales pages are great, but you want to avoid filler words. A good way to get rid of filler words is to write whatever comes to mind, then go back and delete unneeded words that don’t help you get the point across.

Use the Right Tools

There are many tools today that will help you write amazing copy, create fabulous-looking sales pages, and even allow for A/B testing at a touch of a button. Software like,, and others can help you make amazing sales pages that really speak to your audience and help you write about problems you haven’t had.

Writing effective copy about a problem you’ve never experienced may seem challenging, but it’s not impossible. Copywriters the world over have been doing it for many years – long before the internet was invented. Just get to know the audience along with the problems they experience, then let yourself feel their feelings so that your empathy for them shines through in your copy.

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