Tips for Improving Your Content Performance

The truth is, you can publish the best article in the world that is written specifically for the target reader, but you may not get the views that you wanted or expected. Since there is so much information out there, you need to ensure that your content performs well for your needs.

  • Know Your Viewers Intent – If the content you create is meant for the person consuming it, they will be much more likely to answer your calls to action. Study the buying journey to figure out what their intent is so you can match it with the right content.

  • Develop Headlines Based on Intent – As you learn about your viewers’, create better headlines that speak to that person where they are now. Use power words in the headline that get attention.

  • Increase Relevance – The more relevant the content is to them now, the better off everyone is. Use the right words to relate to your audience and highlight solutions and options that make them feel you know them well and can relate to their need. This makes them feel comfortable and trust you more.

  • Create Chunky Content – The way your viewers look at the content you create is important too. If they are trying to navigate a wall of text or flashy images, it may be difficult for them to stay on the page. Pay attention to how the content looks to the viewer.

  • Use Relevant Images – Don’t just grab stock images that have nothing to do with your content. Use images that helps the reader visual the concepts in the content you’re promoting. You can use overlays and call outs to improve relevance.

  • Show the Value of Your Offers – Your audience wants high value, but you need to bring that value to their attention. Explain how and why your information and offers are valuable. To do this, use words, phrases and examples that resonate with your audience.

  • Write Compelling CTAs – When you write your calls to action, don’t just use the first one that comes to mind. Try writing from 10 to 50 CTAs that you can edit slightly to match each action you want them to take. This enables you to find the best CTA to use.

  • Promote Your Content – Nothing will be seen if you don’t tell people about it and why they need to check it out. Share your content in email, on social media, and cross-promote it everywhere. Link to related content under each post and article. Guide them towards more content by promoting across platforms.

If you want your content to perform well, know the purpose for creating it, who you’re creating it for, and then make sure you reach your target market. They’re not going to find it without help, so get out there and shout your message from the rooftops but remember, you want to be on the right rooftops to be effective.



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