Why Your Customers Love Interactive Content and How to Provide It

Have you ever noticed that if you include a printable, a worksheet or some type of interactive content for your customers or to get people on your list, they just eat it right up? They readily opt-in for your freebies AND they’re willing to pay more for your products and training.

People LOVE interactive content and there are a few reasons for that:

  • Your product or freebie has a much higher perceived value. If they can print something out or interact with it in some way, it’s more tangible than something they read.
  • You’re giving them a chance to APPLY what they learn. So similar to the first point, it’s not just reading. It’s DOING.
  • Your product or freebie stands out from the crowd. There is no shortage of reports and ebooks that claim to solve a problem for your audience…but when you add interactivity, you have a chance to differentiate yourself.

And there are benefits for you too:

  • You can charge more for your products because they have a higher perceived value.
  • You have a better student success rate because they’re applying what they learn. And when your students are happy, they’re going to talk about you and bring you more business.
  • If you are a book author and don’t want Amazon to have your customer info all to themselves, you can offer some interactive content they can opt-in to receive. Just mention it and include a link in your book, so they can get your interactive content and you grow your subscriber list.

Some ways to add interactivity with documents:

  • Worksheets
  • Checklists
  • Planners
  • Journals

And it’s super easy to create these types of printable documents. But what if you want to make the document itself interactive WITHOUT printing?

How to Make Your PDFs Interactive

Our friend Debbie actually has some quick training that HOW to do this, step by step. The PDFs you create can be filled on a computer AND then saved with the information filled in, so your customers have a permanent record.

Click here to access the training.

It’s actually very easy to do, using drag and drop technology

Click here to get the training.

We live in a digital world and this is the kind of thing your customers are looking are looking for. So offer it to them to further boost your product’s value.