Your invite is coming…and more video tips

A couple of things to update you on before the weekend.

We have some great takeaways from our interview with live streaming expert, Monique Johnson.


Monique gave some great tips for authors to engage their audience through live video including getting your readers involved as you’re in the process writing your book. You can:

  • Share your progress
  • Give them sneak peeks
  • Brainstorm with them when you get stuck on them

Imagine how loyal your audience becomes when they feel like they’re a part of your creation process. That’s extremely powerful!

She shared technology that makes it easy to conduct videos through live video. Systems like Facebook Live are made for just one individual and that can be intimidating, but if you use Facebook Live with a tool like or, you can include more people in your live videos. We personally used BlueJeans for our interview with Monique.

Monique also encouraged us to approach live video as a testing ground. You never know what will work with your audience until you try it and the great thing about using a platform like Facebook Live is that feedback is instant and built right in. Have a look and see what other writers and other business owners are doing with their live videos and go from there.

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