Why Every Writer Needs an Online Presence

Do you have a website? As a writer your website may be your most important business tools. If you don’t have a website, consider a getting one here’s why:

Your Customers Search Online

The internet has grown to become a huge reference tools. You use it to find information on products. You also use it to find information about services. Your customers will likely use the Internet to find you.

Additionally, many of your customers are going to be online service business owners. This means they’re also looking for writers who are familiar with writing for the internet.

Your website demonstrates your ability to write for the Internet. It establishes your credibility as an online writer.

Your Website Serves As Your Portfolio

As a paid writer many of your potential clients want to see your work before they hire you. Your website can display your samples. It can also be a testament to your writing style. Each page of content on your blog or website is a writing sample.

Credibility and Authority

In addition to being able to display writing samples, you can establish credibility and authority. Both are buying triggers. They motivate a purchase. Credibility can be established through your content. You can also publish organizations you belong to.

Publish awards and recognitions you’re received. Perhaps most importantly you can publish your client testimonials. Some writers dedicate an entire page on their website to listing testimonials. You might also consider listing the companies you’ve worked with and linking to them.

Your Website Establishes Your Brand

As a small business owner your personality is your brand. It’s important. People connect with a brand. When they do, they remember you. They also want to buy from you. One of the primary buying triggers is likeability. If your website visitors like you, they’re more likely to buy from you.

Your personality is communicated through your writing each page on your website can further enhance your brand and your connection to your prospect. Whether you’re sarcastic, Zen, enthusiastic or serious, your brand helps sell your writing services.

More Effective & Efficient

Finally, your website can help you make your business more efficient.

On your website you can include an order form. Prospects can fill out the form. It’ll be instantly emailed to you and you can create a response based on their needs. You can also collect payment on your website with a pay PayPal link or other shopping cart software.

You can also include your policies, procedures, and FAQs on your website. This makes it easier for prospects to learn everything they need to know before they hire you.

If you’re a writer consider creating a website. It’ll help you build and grow your business. It’ll help you streamline your business. And it can help you find more ideal clients. You simply can’t lose when you have your own website.