How to: Sandwich Technique to Promote Your Book

Sandwich Promotion Technique

Sandwich Promotion TechniqueThere are a lot of ways to promote your book but one of the most popular for not only book promotions but for giving people bad news, for handling critiques, and generally softening the blow about some news the sandwich technique is a winner.

You know it’s a winner due to the sheer number of people who use the technique to sell more books. Let’s learn more about this technique so that you can have your aha moment and get on with selling more books.

Three Parts to a Sandwich

First, there are two pieces of bread a top and a bottom plus something inside. Often that’s referred to as the meat even if it’s peanut butter. If you wanted to use this idea for promoting your book the way you’d do it is by putting the meat (your book) in between mention of at least two other books, (the bread) one before, and one after your book.

Create a List of “Best” Books

To accomplish this sandwich selling, you can be creative and write a blog post about three to five books in a genre remembering also to list your own book. You can also focus on other aspects of your book. For example, if you have a book on meditation techniques, you might want to list books that talk about meditation but don’t provide the techniques so that your book is differentiated from the others.

Write a Whitepaper Comparing Offers

Another way to use the sandwich technique to sell more books is to write a whitepaper. Now, a whitepaper is going to work better for nonfiction “how to” books. For example, if you have a book entitled, “10 Ways to Get Over Your Ex” that you want to promote you can compare that book with another book, program, or method that purports to help people get over their ex. In this case, while you’ll mention the others, you’ll highlight yours and explain why this choice is preferable to the others without being obvious.

Create a Round-Up

There are numerous ways you can create roundups, you can use any criteria your audience will be interested in to make lists that fit together. For example, “My Favorite Books of 2019” or “The Books I Will Read in 2019”, or “Great Weekend Reads in The Winter.” However, you can justify to your audience why these books are in a list, you can do the roundup. Of course, always include your book with a link to buy it too.

Compare and Contrast

You can also use this technique in a compare and contrast way. Remember to think about the sandwich. Give some positive information about each book, plus the negative, and then the positive again. If you can spin it so that your book is highlighted as the best choice in the equation, you’ll make more sales for your book.

As you can see the sandwich technique can work very well to sell your book. You see this method used all the time. Any time you see any type of list compiling anything you can buy you can bet it’s probably the marketer using the sandwich technique even if they’re totally unaware of it because it works.

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