Why You Should Advertise Your Business Offline

Despite all the time, attention, and resources that are directed towards internet marketing, are you aware of the evidence that shows offline marketing can also be massively effective? Well in fact it can, and here is why.

Without a doubt, the ideal you should aim for is to engage in the right mix of on and off-line work. Below are five reasons why you should promote your business offline.

1. The Value Proposition of Print

It was true in the past, and still remains the same way today…
Consumers put a far greater value on printed materials they can touch over that of a web page.

Think about all the direct mail you probably have received over the course of your lifetime. Granted, a lot of it is immediately discarded, but, you know, every once in a while, you will receive an offer that reminds you of a need for a particular product or service.

Studies show that 75% of people believe that direct mail offers are more trustworthy than online offers.

2. The Longevity of Printed Materials

The average person keeps direct mail in their homes for up to 45 days. Every one of those pieces of mail offers an opportunity for you to make a sale, just from single look or glance.

Since people hang onto a direct mail piece for an extended period of time, these opportunities with printed marketing materials is something you don’t get with online marketing.When you stop and think about it, flyers (for instance) are cheap to create and highly effective.

3. Sharing from Your Hand to Mine

Sharing is not limited only to social media, but can be used to your benefit off-line as too. The value associated with your sharing offline is often produces more than online sharing. Here’s why.

If you are in a store while out shopping and you spot a flyer with a discount on a product that you personally don’t use or need, but you know a family member or a friend who does, and if you’re like most others, you will pick it up and share it with the one who needs it.

4. You Can Pick and Choose Who You Target

When you engage in offline marketing, it doesn’t amount to using a shot gun approach where you merely flood other people’s mailboxes with your print materials. To do that is to invite folks to look at your material as nothing more than junk mail. Fortunately, just like with internet marketing, you can target a specific audience.

5. You Have Endless Opportunities to Speak Face to Face

Despite all the buzz, internet marketing is limited in its ability to create discussion with prospects and existing customers. Yes, you can engage with some of your followers, but oftentimes it’s hard to sell a product or service when you are talking virtually over social media or on a web chat.

On the other hand, when you market offline, numerous opportunities present themselves where you can interact and build a strong relationship when interacting face to face with prospects and customers.

So, at the end of the day, it’s a wise investment of time and effort to market offline. Like so many others, your return on investment (ROI) can be substantial!

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