How To Write Quickly When You Are Overbooked – Tips for Freelancers

Freelance Writers Write Faster

Freelance Writers Write FasterEvery now and then you may find yourself in a situation where you have no idea how you’ll get all the work done that you need to get done due to overbooking yourself. However, if you set up processes and systems, it will be more difficult to end up overbooked accidentally, and you’ll get done faster on a more regular basis.

Don’t Skimp on The Research

When you do enough research about a topic writing will become much smoother for you. When you’re stuck, it’s usually because you don’t know enough about the topic to write about it with intelligence. The more you read about the topic, and seriously study it, the easier it will be to write quickly.

Keep a Swipe File Handy

When you are researching, it will help you to organize some swipe files. In the old days, the way this was done is you could write quotes and paraphrase research on with the source listed on 3×5 cards. You can now do this using software like or even just by using Word documents with file names that are easy to search about the topic. More than likely you’ll write about the same things a lot, so this will cut down on your research time.

Make Complete Outlines

Once you’re done with research even when you’re short on time making a complete outline is going to make the writing portion faster for you. Plus, your documents will be more organized and easier to read for the client and their audience.

Set Your Daily Writing Goals Realistically

If you’ve overbooked yourself, you’re probably going to have to change your schedule by eliminating anything that stops you from writing for your clients. You may have to work longer during the day, work at night after the kids go to bed, or give up your weekend. Something must go but try to be realistic about it so that you don’t get overbooked as much.

Set Aside the Time to Get it Done

If you know, it takes you a certain amount of time to write 500 words you must set aside that time. Even if you’re overbooked, you probably won’t be able to do the work faster literally. Although being more organized will help you become as fast as you can get.

Write Even on Your Days Off

Speed with writing comes with practice. While you’re still learning it’s important to try to write every single day even if you’re not writing for your clients. Even an hour a day on your days off will help increase your speed and skill. Try working on different aspects of your writing such as eliminating passive voice or extraneous words during your non-work writing days. Plus, you want to have some free writing days as well where you can just let it flow. All the practice will make you faster.

Ensure You’re Writing at The Right Level

Sometimes writing seems hard because you’re trying to use words that are too big. This is the reason you need to know about the audience who is reading the work. What your client wants is important too, but as the expert, you can guide them to the type of writing and content that their audience will enjoy reading. If you’re trying to be too intellectual, you may be trying too hard. Write how you talk, then edit for clarity and accuracy.


If all else fails, it can help you to have a couple of people you can call on to help you catch up. This will work if the people you choose have a similar writing style as you. Don’t outsource if you don’t have time to edit it yourself though because you are the one ultimately responsible for the work.

Writing quickly when you’re overbooked takes a lot of practice because you want to give your clients good work, but you want to get it done on time too. If you can ask for flexible deadlines that will also help you with arranging your work even if you’re overbooked.

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