Want to Be a More Successful Writer?: Meet Other Writers. Here’s How…

Networking with Other Writers

Learning more about your craft, and the business of writing is easier when you network with other writers. After all, who will know best about how to do things, how to find information, and what to do regarding your writing career than other writers who are experienced? If you want to learn more about your industry networking with other writers will help. Let’s look at places you can find other writers.

Seminars – At any given time there are many different seminars all over the world for writers. Since seminars are usually smaller than conferences but larger than workshops, this is a great way for you to start meeting more writers. In a smaller group, you may feel more comfortable being open and talking to them.

Conferences – A conference is a larger event. There could be anywhere from 50 to 100’s of people at a conference. There are numerous opportunities to network at these types of events. Usually, there are breaks for meals, coffee hour, and cocktail hour. Take the time to be out and about during those breaks as that is when you’re going to network the most.

Webinars – It’s not as easy to network during a webinar, but it is not impossible. If the webinar offers a chat area, you can ensure that you’re helping in the chat area answering questions and helping plus providing your information if allowed so others can contact you. Another way to network with writers via webinars is to host the webinar for writers yourself.

Critique Groups – Writers often form groups that enable them to show work to the group and get feedback on it. If you’re part of a critique group, your job is to give honest feedback to those who share their writing. If you get feedback your job is to accept without getting upset understanding that feedback is subjective, but you may learn something new.

Literary Meetings – You can find local meetups that fit this criterion by going to Meetup.com and Writersrelief.com to find literary meetings in your area. Each meeting will be different be sure to follow the leader’s example.

Book Clubs – There are book clubs for writers so that when they discuss the work, they’re reading it is done from a writing perspective to help learn a technique. You may read books about writing or examine great writing to know how you can turn your writing into great writing.

Workshops – Writing workshops happen at local colleges and universities and sometimes are started by your local library or literary association. When you go to a workshop, you’re going to learn but also to network with the others who are there.

Writer’s Organizations – There are numerous writing organizations that you can join that have regular meetings internationally, nationally, and locally. Check out several before joining any. You want to ensure the organization you join has the writer’s best interest in mind not making just making money from you.

Message Boards, Forums, and Social Media Groups – Online you can find so many message boards such as at Delphiforums.com, and Facebook Groups that fit the criteria of networking for writers. Networking online is just as effective as networking offline for most writers depending on their goals.

When you do network with other writers, it’s important to understand what your goals are for any one event. That way you can ensure that you make the most of each. The important thing is to be yourself, be open to learning, and to be proud of what you do.

And important! Remember to continue the connection after the event or outside of the group. Add them to social media, stay in touch and where possible, make time for more in-person connection. 

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