How NOT to Make $500 / Hour

Wow…we’re beat. What an action-packed week at the Best Sellers Summit. It’s been such a whirlwind of amazing speakers and information, we’re probably going to have to hibernate for the weekend.
Now, before we go take a well-deserved break, we wanted to share something Jim Edwards say today. He said:
“You can’t make $500 per hour if you’re doing $5 per hour work.”
If you’ve been struggling to build your up your income, there is some real wisdom here. We often get bogged down in publishing and business tasks that we could easily get someone to do. Whether it’s creating graphics, formatting books, setting up products in your shopping cart or other simple tasks you can get others to do, you’re taking away from your income potential.
Just something to think about this weekend, so you can make the shift to focusing on higher level activities in your business. It’s a mindset that has certainly been key in helping us create success for ourselves.