Step-by-Step: How to Get Affiliates to Promote Your Products

How to Get Affiliates to Promote You

Writing can be a rewarding and profitable way to earn a living. However, to sell books and products, you have to spend a good amount of time marketing your business. Now, most writers would prefer to write. They don’t want to spend their time marketing and selling. An affiliate program can help you sell your products (and double or triple your sales) while giving you more time to write and create products.

Creating Your Affiliate Program

Creating your program is a matter of deciding how much to pay your affiliates and installing the technology to communicate with, manage, and pay affiliates. Once those two steps are done, you can get busy recruiting people to promote your books and products.

Add Your Program to Your Website

Add a link or a page on your website. It should be easy to find but not front and center. Your website pages have other goals. If someone is interested in representing your products, they’ll look for your affiliate program.

Email Invitations

Consider sending your subscribers an email invitation to join your affiliate program. You can segment your list into customers and prospects. Send each list a different invitation. Customers already know your products and may be more excited about representing them.

Prospects may be interested as well. You might offer a freebie to prospects so they can learn more about your products before they sign up.

Automate Invitations

Do you send a thank you message when someone makes a purchase? Consider adding to that thank you message, or following up afterwards, with an invitation to join y our affiliate team.

Any invitation, whether your recipient is familiar with your products or not, should outline the benefits of joining the program. What do you pay? What is your sales page conversion rate? Do you offer incentives or contests? Do you offer marketing support? Also, if you offer a sample or a freebie, let them know that as well.

Search for Affiliates

Do a bit of online research and look for other business owners that target your target market. For example, if you write health and fitness content you might search for bloggers that blog on the topic. If you like what they do, send them an invitation to become an affiliate.

What Appeals to Top Affiliates?

Top affiliates have a large audience, they’re motivated to promote your products, and they are active online. Just a few top affiliates or super affiliates can really increase your sales. Finding these folks is the first step, keeping them engaged and actively promoting your books and information products is the second. You can accomplish this by:

Making your books and information products available for purchase on your website and if possible, on their website too. This is easier for them than a retailer like Amazon who sets the price and don’t pay as high a commission rate as you might.

Providing them with marketing content. Give your affiliates a few emails, blog posts, or even reports to give to their audience. It helps them get started and supports them to actively market your materials.

Pay a good commission rate. Yes, when you have affiliates and they work for you, you have to pay them. When you see the money that you’re making, you’ll be thrilled to pay your affiliates for their hard work. Do the math and see how much you can afford to pay your affiliates and still earn a profit.

Once you have your affiliate program up and running, you’ll probably only need to spend an hour or so each month paying affiliates, and providing them with materials to stay motivated and successful. The rest of the time, you can focus on writing and creating more products to sell.

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* JV Tracking Spreadsheet: Keeping track of your affiliates can be a challenge, which is why we created this spreadsheet to keep you organized. The JV Tracking spreadsheet is used to track the affiliates you plan on contacting. Then you can keep it updated with the date you contacted them, their response, any follow up emails that were sent and any other notes you want to keep track of.

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