6 Ways to Find Unique Topics to Write About

Unique Topics to Write about

As a writer marketing your business or writing on your topic, it can be challenging to come up with topics. It can be even more challenging to find topics that are unique, interesting, and still relevant to your audience. There are a few tips and tactics you can leverage to make sure you always have something to write about.

#1: Dig deeper.

One of the common problems is that we often focus on general topics rather than digging deep into the problems your audience is dealing with. For example, how to lose weight is pretty general, how to whip up a quick protein rich breakfast for less than $3 is specific and still in line with weight loss. To dig deep, trying writing down your general topic idea and then brainstorming all of the directions that it might go. What questions would someone ask?

#2: “Steal” from your competitors.

Head over to your competition’s blog. Read a post, grab a subheading in one of their posts and make that the topic idea for your post. This gives you the power to expand on an idea and make it your own. It’s a terrific idea to help get your brainstorming juices flowing. (you can also do this with industry

#3: Pay attention to your thoughts.

You have thousands of brilliant topic ideas throughout your day as you’re thinking, talking, and reading. The problem is that you probably don’t recognize them, and you aren’t writing them down. Start writing them down. Just carry your phone with you, you probably already do, and keep the notebook app handy. That way you can quickly dictate your idea or use the keypad and keep track of all of your brilliance.

#4: Steal from yourself.

Grab your most popular blog posts and make the subtitles used within the body of your posts to be the main topic idea of a new post.

#5: Start listening to your audience.

Pay attention to what they’re discussing on social media. Join groups where your audience hangs out. Their discussions can turn into fantastic and relevant content ideas.

#6: Share your opinions, experiences, thoughts, and ideas.

You are unique and relevant to your audience. Don’t forget to put your two cents in once in a while and share something about you. Talk about a recent challenge or success you’ve had. Share your thoughts on an experience, a controversy, a trend or other notable event in your industry.

Coming up with unique topics to write about can be tricky. Don’t let yourself get in a rut. Spend time each day reflecting on what you thought, heard, learned and read. Keep a running list of ideas as they come to you. You won’t run out of topic ideas.

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