Alice’s Top Tip for 2017 Success

alice-familyOver the past year and a half, I’ve been shaving off projects and getting more focused in my business.

It’s the tendency of many online entrepreneurs to dip their feet into many projects because it’s easy to do. The problem is, when you divide your efforts, you minimize your success.

Eliminating projects meant that half way through this year, my account announced that my revenue was already double that of the same time last year.

But that was the big picture stuff. I still had some further focusing to do. Every day, while my kids were at school, I’d spend most of my day in my office working. Or some version of working. There were distractions, simple tasks that dragged out and when I looked at it honestly, a lot of unproductive time.

So here’s what I’ve been doing to become more productive and ultimately, more successful.

I’ve been planning more fun stuff to do during work time. I’ve also been volunteering my time at the kids’ schools where normally, I’d always convinced myself I was too busy.

And guess what? I still got everything done, but in less time.

When you think you have hours to complete a task, the task will take hours. When you think you have just 30 minutes, you’ll be surprised at what you can get done.

The other benefit is limiting the time you can work ensures you focus on the most important things. Those things that are going to grow your business…rather things that will just keep you busy. Prioritization becomes easy when you simply can’t do it all and you have better things to do.

So if you often find yourself saying you don’t have time to have fun, schedule it in. Not only will it force you to be more productive and focused during work time…it’ll make you a whole lot happier and guess what? That happiness will produce even more success.