How to Say Good-Bye to Cheap Clients That Don’t Appreciate Your Work

Say Good Bye to Cheap Clients

Cheap clients are the worst. They often don’t appreciate your work or value your time. They can be hard to please so you lose valuable time, catering to their whims. As scary as it sounds, you need to break free from these clients. If you don’t know how to do that, here are eight simple ways to get started:
Know who you want to work with.

Having an ideal client in mind makes it easier for you to start your search for better clients. Define who’d you like to help—health coaches? Business leaders? Counselors and therapists?

Once you know who you like to serve, think about what services you’d like to offer. Will you do website design? Write their blog posts? Send out their emails?

Ask for referrals from clients you love.

If you already have clients you love, simply ask for referrals. But don’t ask just any client on your list. Only pick the ones that are good payers and respect your time. After all, birds (and clients) of a feather tend to stick together.

Keep your website snazzy.

Your website will be the first impression many potential clients have with your brand. Make sure it’s a good one by keeping your website up to date with the latest technology and posting valuable content regularly.
Post about your services in business groups.

There are plenty of business groups on Facebook where you can meet new clients. Ask the group creator if you can post about your services directly. Some creators will allow it and others may ask you to wait until a certain day of the week.

Even if you can’t post about your services, don’t be afraid to help out other members of the group. As you become known within the circle, people will begin asking how they can work with you on other projects.

Look on LinkedIn for potential clients.

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals and a great place to go fishing for new clients. Since you know who you want to help, spend some time connecting with potential prospects.

Some users may not have a need for your services right now but might remember your name when they do in the future. Some potential prospects may not be ready to hire you quite yet but will refer friends and colleagues to you.

Market your services offline.

Look for networking opportunities in real life. Attend chamber of commerce meetings, join professional organizations, and connect with clubs that interest you. Often, these meetings can lead to business referrals.

Send out warm emails.

Message contacts you already know but have never worked with. Tell them you’re scheduling client projects for the next couple of months and ask if they’d have any projects they need a good freelancer to tackle.
Pitch agencies that complement your services.

Agencies often get large projects that they outsource to other freelancers. Choose agencies that complement your services. For example, if you offer web design, approach a copywriting agency about referral work.
Set a goal to break free of all your cheap clients then start marketing your services. Within just a few months, your goal can become your reality.

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