10 Smart Ideas for Following Up with Potential Clients

smart ways to follow up with clients

One of the most important things you can do when you speak with a potential client is to follow up. Most of the time you’re not going to make the sale on the first content, therefore, have a plan in place for multiple interactions so that when you do ask for the close you can get them to hire you.

  • Send Out Cards – Today, there are other services, like Postable, but Send Out Cards works great too. Use this service to automatically send cards to your prospects to thank them, for their birthday, or to invite them to an event. However, you can reach out and touch them is a great way to remind them of you.
  • Ask Them Questions – If you think of a great question about something to do with their business that they like to talk about after your first meeting drop them an email, or snail mail, and ask them the question. Invite them to respond by either return email, or by setting up a meeting with you to discuss the issue.
  • Same Day Thank You – Send a thank you to your prospect right after the first Even if all you did was shake their hand at a chamber of commerce meeting. Drop them a thank you via snail mail, email, or on social media. Calling them out and tagging them on social media while thanking them for talking to you will help them remember you plus, connect with you if they wish.
  • Send Free Advice – If due to your conversation you think of something that might help them send them free advice. Send a journal clipping, a book, or other information about the problem they mentioned. Even though you want them to hire you, being a resource will help them want to be around you again.
  • Follow Them on Social Media – Once you meet someone it’s okay to go ahead and try to follow them on social media so that you can connect with them if you’re not already. This will give you direct access to them that will allow you to share interesting information related to their business showing your expertise anytime you want to.
  • Send Reminder Emails – If you arranged for another meeting, or to get more information from them, go ahead and set up reminder emails via a calendar invite. You can do this via Google but there are other calendars as well. So, if you arranged anything, invite them, then remind them 48 hours and then a day before the event.
  • Have an Open-Door Policy – Give the prospect your information so that they know how to contact you with any questions. Tell them you answer your emails with in a specific amount of time. Give them instructions on how to arrange another call with you if that is appropriate. Let them know when and how you’re available to answer questions. If they’re a good prospect it’ll be worth it.
  • Make Recommendations – If you know that you cannot help the client, or if there is one aspect of the work that you know you cannot do, go ahead and drop them a referral for someone who can help them. Even if you don’t end up with the new client right now they will not forget what you’ve done for them.
  • Invite Them to an Event – Having or going to any events soon? If so, mention it to them and if possible send a formal invite. This is a great opportunity for them to see you in action in real life. This works whether the event is an online event or an offline event.
  • Tell Your Referral Thanks – If this prospect was referred to you by someone, always go to them and thank them. Drop an email, send a card, shout out to them on social – whatever is appropriate. Plus, you can talk good about the prospect and how excited you are about the potential to work with them. It will get back to the prospect.

Following up with your prospects is a great way to turn a prospect into a client. When they are given the time to get to know you before signing a contract with you, they’re going to be longer-term clients. No pressure required.

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