Content Shortcuts – How to Use PLR

Content Marketing Shortcuts

Marketing your books or products in the online world takes a lot of content. Whether it’s content to inform or entertain, it makes the web go ’round.

Content Marketing ShortcutsIt doesn’t matter if you market through social media, advertising, your blog, email marketing or YouTube…you NEED content.

And as a solo entrepreneur, it’s not always easy to keep up. One of our secret weapons is using private label rights (PLR) content. In fact, Alice loves it so much, she created a whole business out of creating PLR content for others (you can see the kind of content she offers here).

If you’re not familiar with PLR, it refers to pre-made content that you can purchase publishing and editing rights to…without having to give credit to a specific author. It’s kind of like hiring a ghostwriter who writes on a certain topic, but the content is already made. Plus, it’s cheaper than hiring a writer because the PLR seller generally sells multiple licenses of the same content.

You in turn can take the content, edit it, brand it, add your product/affiliate links and make it your own. It’s much quicker and simpler than writing your own content.

Here are a few ideas for using PLR content to promote your business.

* Use it as newsletter content
* Make an ecourse
* Use it on your blog
* Promote your products with it
* Build your mailing list by giving away a PLR report
* Create an info product from PLR
* Use it as a script for audio or video content
* Make pamphlets or booklets for offline use
* Turn it into bonus products for your books or other products
* Add the content to a membership site

There are so many possibilities, but a lot of people worry about using content that is seen elsewhere, but there are so many ways to make PLR your own.

A few ways to customize PLR:

1. Add Your Opinion. To suit a wide variety of purchasers, PLR sellers often sell content with any strong opinions. This makes it easier to pack a little more opinionated punches into your content.

2. Add Examples. When explaining a process or giving instructions, incorporate examples your audience can relate to. For example, an article for parents about bed wetting can include experiences/case studies of your own customers – or even your experiences with your own children.

3. Add Your Own Formatting & Punctuation. As a writer, your writing likely has a visual style. You may frequently incorporate the use of sub-headlines, questions to your audience, bullet points etc.

4. Add Statistics and Other Relevant Data. Show your readers more depth to a topic by including statistics and data with your content.

5. Add Quotes. People love thought-provoking quotes. Find relevant quotes to your topic and give your readers something to think about.

6. Add Links. Link to other useful information and products. Whether it’s links within the article or a recommendation at the end, go the extra mile to add value and monetization.

PLR is certainly a time-saving tool and when you find a great source of ready-made content, you definitely want to hang onto it. Of course, not all PLR providers are the same. That’s why we made a free guide for you to find great PLR content to promote your books and products. Download the free guide here (PDF).

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