Expanding Your Subject and Improve Your Writing Skills: Creating Side Topics That Interest Your Readers

Turn One Piece of Writing into Many

Creating content in one niche is a good way to start with writing. You can write about one subject for a book, or a blog, or even as a ghost content writer. No matter what your subject is, you can expand on it in numerous ways so that you never run out of topics for your readers that will interest them.

Create Case Studies – Sometimes the only thing you need to do to expand your subject is to add people to the equation, other people. Collect case studies or stories from other people who love the subject.

Create a Comprehensive Outline – Starting with the broad topic that you’re writing about, create an outline that covers that topic from every angle. When you look at the outline, you’ll be able to take anyone point or subpoint from it and write about that.

What Was Before & After – Whatever your subject is it has a history and a beginning. It also has an after. Learn about the before, during, and after. Your audience will like hearing the different historical facts about the subject they love.

Make it Persuasive – How can you turn the subject into a persuasive piece of content? For example, if your content is about sewing, you may want to write about why people should learn to sew, how sewing can save money and other topics that confirm to the reader that they should keep sewing.

Look for Broader Associations – For example, if you’re writing about a specific subject like sewing you can broaden this by branching out to talk about how to sew something, different fabrics, types of thread, the kinds of needles you need and so forth.

Create a Mindmap – This is a fun way to create more ideas for any subject including starting fresh with your subtopics. For example, if you create a mindmap about Beans, you can easily come up with unlimited writing ideas by headings of everything you want to talk about to do with beans such as cultivation, history, types, health, flatulence, production and so forth. Then under each of these ideas write more points.

When you brainstorm the topics aside from just focusing on creating a full mindmap or outline also focus on the content that you’ve already published that is popular. Plus, check the questions you’ve been asked too. You can also check out discussion groups to get ideas. The important point is that you leave no stone unturned when it comes to expanding your subject so that you can have more content for your audience.

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