How to Turn a Simple Info Product into a High-Ticket Coaching Program

Ideas to Turn Your Info Product into High Ticket Coaching

Your information product solves a problem, so you’ve leveraged your knowledge, skills, and experience into an eBook or an online course and you’re selling it.

But you can think BIGGER!

With a few simple adjustments, that same information product can be modified and turned into a coaching program, a program that can bring ten times the price, or more. Here are the fundamental steps to take to turn your info product into a high-ticket coaching program.

1. Divide the information product into weekly lessons. For example, if you’ve written a book on how to lose weight in 30 days on the ketogenic diet, you can turn that into a 30-day coaching program with 4 weekly lessons.

2. Establish your coaching method. There are many different ways that you can provide coaching. For example, you can offer group coaching or one on one coaching. You can provide one weekly coaching session with supplemental email coaching or a coaching forum and weekly group sessions. You decide what best suits your coaching style and your audience needs.

3. Refine your audience. It’s imperative to know who you’re marketing to and what problem you’re solving for them. Refine your audience so that you’re able to confidently create a targeted Facebook advertisement and leverage other online marketing and promotion tactics.

4. Create an opt-in product. You may actually be able to use the first chapter and/or introduction from your information product as your opt in.

Or you can break down one section of your information product into a value driven opt-in. For example, the first chapter of a ketogenic diet book might be about the benefits of keto. Your opt-in could be “7 Reasons Why Keto Is the Last Diet You’ll Ever Need.” Include a promotion for your coaching program in your opt-in.

5. Create a simple funnel. A coaching funnel may look something like this: Facebook ad – opt in – content – coaching inquiry – phone call – new coaching client.

The value of a coaching program is substantially more than the perceived eBook or information product simply because you’re offering personal interaction with your customers. You’re offering a weekly session, either one on one, or in a group setting. You’re answering questions in real time, providing accountability and motivation. These are high value services. When combined with specialty information, derived from the information product you’ve already created, you’ve upped the value.

Imagine that $27 eBook or online course you’ve created can now be marketed as coaching and generate $270, or more.

Instead of needing to sell 100 books a week to generate $2700,  you only need to sell 10 coaching clients. Or if the price is increased to $300, or more, you need to convert even less. And realize, if you’re offering group coaching, those 10 clients probably only require an hour or two of your time each week because you’ve already created the content and you’ve created your systems.

It’s a straightforward way to earn more money from content you’ve already created, and to spend less time working if you choose.

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