How to Get Media Coverage for Your Book

Getting media coverage for your self-published book

When you finish your book, you probably feel good. However, when it comes to becoming a successful author, writing is only part of the process. Now you need to market your book, and part of marketing requires that you obtain as much media coverages as possible as quickly as possible so that you stay at the top of mind for the audience. Let’s look at ways to accomplish this.

Create a Book Trailer & Website – At least a few months before launching your book you will need a website or page for your book. A creative thing to do if it works for your book is to create a book trailer which is just a nice movie style video describing your book without giving away all the details.

Create an Advance Review Copy – When your book is done make sure you create an advance review copy. Some people give their actual book, but others hold some of it back with specialized review copies that aren’t inclusive of the entire book. It’s up to you how you do this, but either way, giving them something to go on is helpful.

Solicit Testimonials When Possible – Once you’ve given your review copy out and given enough time for them to read the information ask for reviews. It’s worth it to ask almost anyone willing to read your book but most especially the press, professional reviewers, and other subject matter experts.

Develop a Focused Press Release – You may need more than one press release. You want to send them to the right people who will help get the word out about your book and sometimes you may need to include different pieces of information. Think about who is going to read it, then create it accordingly.

Target Media Partners Carefully – When you do send out your press release or even a pitch for an interview it’s imperative that you target the right media partners. You don’t want to blanket the media with your information. Instead, you want to pick and choose very carefully targeted partners who market to your audience.

Speak Publicly & Get Interviewed — Seek to get interviewed on TV, radio, online, in person, at events and more. The more you speak via interviews or as a talk or speech, the better. When people hear you talk, they will start to trust that your book is also worth a read.

Tie Promotions with Other Events – One way to get buzz going is to tie your promotions with other events. For example, if you wrote a book about your journey with breast cancer, you may be able to talk at related events and give a percentage of profits to a charity that helps women and men with breast cancer.

Promote Everything Wherever Your Audience Is – Marketing and promoting is a continuous thing that should not ever stop when it comes to getting the word out about your book. Carry your book and cards and other information with you so that you can give it out whenever it seems appropriate.

Getting media coverage for your book is an important part of being a published author. Even if you went with a big-name publishing house, you’d still be responsible for the marketing efforts. The only exception to this is if you are a big name with a huge following already, then they will help you more marketing from a publishing house. Until then, you’re going to have to do it yourself, but you can also hire people to help you.

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