How to Move Forward When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

As a creative, focusing on one niche or genre feels confining. After all, you have interests and ideas for all kinds of writing in every genre from romance to sci-fi to business books. Should you pursue several of them at the same time? Probably not.

When you are first starting out, it’s not a good idea to jump from niche to niche, genre to genre or even brand to brand. You end up spreading yourself too thin as well as you don’t stick around long enough to make a name for yourself. People won’t remember you or recognize you if you’re jumping all over the place.

You won’t be able to monetize or make consistent money when you’re all over the place. Your readership can’t grow since people don’t know what to expect when you jump from finance writing to romance writing to lifestyle.

Focusing your efforts on one niche helps you get better results. You want to stay consistent in one area until you’ve succeeded. Then you can expand into other areas. This is true in not only writing a book, but in blogging, business or any other endeavor.

Begin by asking what niche you want to follow. Then focus solely on it. Get crystal clear on what niche you want to focus on and then stick to it. Be consistently producing content in that niche, publishing new books and building a rapport with your readers to become successful at it.

The quickest way to selling a lot of books or achieving anything really, is to have laser focus. Success will come easier when you write and market five thriller novels than if you write one romance novel, one book on finance, on sci-fi book, a book on self-care and a guide on how to crochet afghans.

It’s doubtful anyone will want to read your finance book and your book on crocheting. This is because your message isn’t focused and you’re going after different markets with different messages.

People will be confused. Are you a romance author or a crochet expert or a finance wizard? You’re trying to talk to too many audiences. Focus on one key audience and create great content for them. That’s the fastest path to succeeding.

Don’t worry that you will be stuck in that niche or genre the rest of your career. You can dip your toes into other niches after you get the ball rolling full steam in one area. Just remember it’s hard enough to sell in one niche; when you start spreading your marketing time and budget among many it gets even harder.

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