In a Slump? 7 Strategies to Keep Writing When You Don’t Feel Like It

Beat Writer's Block

Beat Writer's BlockBy : Ann Agueli of

There’s a saying that just about everyone has a story to tell. However, there are those who are called to tell their stories and just as compelled to keep those same stories hidden inside. Why is this?

There are many reasons why writers have difficulty putting pen to paper. There are the reasons, the excuses, and the stories inside our heads and then there’s life and all its demands.

So, what do you do about it? Here are a few tips on how to write when you really don’t feel like it…

Start with the End in Mind

In cases where you want to author a book, you know you want to write, you believe your story will have a positive impact, but you continue to put it off until “the time is right, when I have more time, tomorrow.”

When you know deep in your heart you have a story – not only to tell, but to share – there are practical steps you need to take in order to get it out into the world. One of those is starting with the end in mind.

Pick a Due Date

That’s right; choose a completion date for your book. Put that date on your computer, in your calendar on your phone, above your computer; wherever you can be reminded of that due date.

Time Chunk It

Break up this massive dream into smaller, more manageable time chunks. Designate a time every day and hold yourself to it to write. Even if it’s forty-five minutes per day in the morning or a half hour at night before bed, chunk your time and stick to it.

Chunk your time when it comes to larger tasks; allow 15 minutes for creating an outline. Allow one hour for editing, another hour for a quick read through. When you designate a certain amount of time to certain tasks, you will realize your writing goals with ease and grace. Then, those goals will turn into dreams.

Get an Accountability Partner

Find a person or a group that is willing to hold you accountable in your goals. There’s something so empowering about having to answer to someone as to why or why not you did not reach your word count goal for the day.

Find Your Own Muse

For some, inspiration comes in nature and for others it comes every time they take a shower. If being near water is your inspiration, try to spend as much time as you can by the water. If this isn’t possible, you can buy a desktop waterfall near your computer for background noise.

If trees inspire you, then sit in the park or put your desk facing an outside window or patio door if possible. If jazz music motivates you, let it play. You know yourself best. Find your own muse.

Write Now Edit Later

If you’re like most writers, you have the ache of perfectionism and a knack for procrastination. One of the simplest ways to get writing is to write now and edit later. As long as you sit down to write, it doesn’t matter what’s on the page now.

You can edit a bad page but you can’t edit a blank one.

Last but Not Least

One of the most important reminders I can offer is to write for your audience and not for yourself. When you remember you are writing for the benefit of another, then the words will begin to flow.

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