How to Market Inside Your Kindle Book

Market Inside Your Kindle Book

Everyone is so focused on marketing to get buyers to their books, but your Kindle book is ALSO valuable marketing space.

You have a lot of leeway to talk about your business inside your book and always use it to your advantage. Here are some things to include inside your book:

* Your author biography: Just because they bought your book, doesn’t mean they know who you are and what you do.

* Include testimonials: There’s nothing quite like social proof. If people love your books, products and services, include that in the book too.

* Offer an incentive for them to visit your blog or website: Give them a workbook to apply what they learn, an audio version of your book and more. Better yet, have them opt-in, so you can get them on your mailing list.

* List all your other publications: Don’t make them go looking for your other work. Just tell them what you’ve done and where to get it.

What To Do Next:

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