How to Create a High-Converting Free Opt-in Offer Page

Create an effective Opt-in Page

You crafted an opt-in gift that’s relevant to your visitors and you’re starting to see a slow trickle of sign ups on your author website. You’re excited and ready to get serious about promoting your opt-in offer. But you’re stuck on where to begin? Sound familiar? Here are some ideas to get you started.

The Most Important Page You’ll Ever Publish

A landing page is the single most important element of your marketing. It’s the best way to turn a casual visitor into a subscriber who goes on to buy your book.

The landing page is usually stripped of features like social sharing buttons or advertisements, so visitors can focus on just this offer. The goal of the landing page is to get users to make a decision to join your mailing list or buy your product. After seeing your page, visitors will either choose ‘yes’ and sign up or ‘no’ and navigate away.

For opt-in offers, you want to keep your landing page simple. Just a paragraph or two explaining what your gift is and then a few bullet points that highlight what users can expect from your offer. After that, there’s the sign-up box.

Create Landing Pages Easily with These Software Options

There are many different ways to create a landing page. One good option is Lead Pages. This software builder has drag-n-drop features allowing you to create your landing page in just a few simple steps.

Another option for making landing pages is OptimizePress. This software integrates with WordPress and helps you design landing pages quickly. If you don’t know what to put on your page, just choose a readymade template and start editing it to fit your needs.

Socialize Your Landing Page

Once you’ve published your landing page, it’s time to start sharing it on social media. But don’t focus on yourself or your website. Don’t say, “Hey! Come visit my site and join my mailing list!”

Instead, focus on being helpful and giving value to your followers. You could say, “In the mood for a cozy read? Grab [book title] for free when you sign up.”

Aim to promote your landing page 2-3 times each week on your social platforms. But make sure you’re sharing other content besides your own. For example, retweet news about another author’s release. This builds your professional network and allows you to share information your followers are already interested in.

Study Your Stats

After a few weeks, take a step back and study your website metrics. Look at how you’re getting traffic to your landing page. Is YouTube sending more traffic than Twitter or Instagram? Is Pinterest converting your visitors into subscribers better than Facebook?

If you don’t have a way to track what visitors are doing on your website, then you need a metrics program. Most authors use Google Analytics or JetPack for WordPress. You can get your web designer to install it for you or install it yourself if you watch tutorials on YouTube.

Start a Paid Campaign

Once you see which social media network sends you the most traffic, you might want to consider starting a paid campaign. It’s true you may not have millions or even thousands to spend on paid marketing opportunities. But if you have even $100 each month, that’s enough to get started with social advertising.

Pay attention to what demographic you set when you purchase ads. You want your ads to be displayed to people who are most likely to buy your books. That means if you write romance, you want your ad to target women between the ages of 18-45. But if you write books for children, then you want to target parents with small kids.

Get Some Templates

Don’t create an opt-in gift only to let it languish on your website. Spend time promoting the offer each week, even if all you can devote is a few minutes. If you regularly share your opt-in, you’ll start to get traction and will begin seeing results from your efforts.

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