4 Smart Ways to Promote Your Kindle Ebook You May Not Have Thought Of

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Writing and publishing a Kindle book is a tremendous accomplishment. Now, let’s talk about getting you some results.

As you know, it’s not enough to publish and then sit back and wait for the sales to roll in. You may get some sales right away but you probably won’t get the kind of income and return on investment you’re hoping for unless you take an active role in promoting your book.

Here are 4 promotion ideas that you may not have considered.

1. List it On a Free Giveaway Directory Site – There are websites devoted to promoting books. You can get your book listed on these sites by simply submitting your book along with a description. Some sites ask for more information. For example, E Reader News Today offers a freebie promotion page.

You can list your book for free for a day, or more, it’s up to you. Then have it promoted on their freebie page. This site, and others, promote fiction and non-fiction. You can then use your listing to cross-promote your book.

If you have a free report or opt-in product you can use that as your freebie giveaway and then promote your book in the free report. So there are a couple of ways to leverage ebook directories.

2. Facebook Event – You can hold a Facebook event like a virtual book signing event or a launch. You can invite your friends and associates to the event. During the event you might hold giveaways, question and answer periods, and you might even interview an expert or two. You can share quotes from the book and have a great time connecting and promoting. It’s a good idea to offer a discount code or special offer to people who attend your event.

4. Press Releases – Authors often forget about the good old press release these days, but they’re still very effective. Today’s press releases are social media friendly and with a distribution service, you can reach thousands. Craft your press release so that you’re presenting an interesting hook and story. You might even reach out to your local media to see if they’re interested in your book and story.

When media outlets pick up your release or cover your story, you can post that information on social media. For example, if your book is talked about in your local paper, you can tell your Facebook followers that your book is in the news and share a link to the article.

4. Blog Tour – Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, a blog tour is a fantastic way to reach a wider audience. Fiction authors can guest blog on other fiction writer’s websites. You might also blog on websites that review books or talk about writing. Non-fiction writers can do a blog tour and guest blog on websites that are relevant to their audience – but not in direct competition.

Use your imagination when promoting your book. Think about where your audience hangs out and what they want to know. Also keep in mind that any promotion tactic can likely be optimized when you integrate it into your other tactics. Promoting your book may require a little work but the resulting sales make it worth your while.

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