Publishing Your Content to Kindle Unlimited – Is It Worth It?

 When you are ready to publish your book, you have many options on what type you use. The same is true when it comes to marketing your book. And where you sell your book. Kindle Unlimited is one of those options.

Kindle Unlimited is the book subscription service for Amazon. KDP Select is the program authors enroll in that allows Amazon exclusive rights to sell your eBook in the Kindle store only, including offering the book in Kindle Unlimited program.

Kindle Unlimited Advantages for Authors

When you publish your book on Amazon’s KDP, Amazon makes your book available through Kindle Unlimited. This can help you get your book in front to a larger audience. This is especially helpful if you are a new author or you are a fiction author looking to build out a book series. Like most things, there are pros and cons for authors to use Kindle Unlimited.

Advantages of Kindle Unlimited

  • Less competition since mainstream publishers don’t normally use Kindle Unlimited.
  • You could potentially have a larger audience and earnings potential. You can have your book available to millions of readers giving you the potential to gain more reviews and build you fanbase. Kindle Unlimited is the lender’s library of the online world where voracious readers binge read books.
  • You get paid per page read. Your book’s pages are based on Amazon’s system of word count. For example, a 50,000-word book might have about 250 pages according to Amazon. The pay rate averages $.0004 to $.0005 per page.
  • Kindle Unlimited performs well for specific genres like romance, sci-fi and thrillers.
  • You can enroll for the 90-day period only if you just want to try it out.

Disadvantages of Kindle Unlimited

  • You’ll need to write and publish often for Kindle Unlimited to work for you financially. Kindle Unlimited is about the volume of material you can market to readers and keep writing to them.
  • You only get paid when borrowers read you book. If they borrow a book and never read it, you won’t get paid. Amazon pays for pages read. So, if they stop reading your book, you don’t get paid for the entire book.
  • You are not allowed to sell your book on other platforms while you are exclusive with Kindle Unlimited. This includes offering free copies or samples.
  • Your book may be perceived as “lesser value.” The free aspect often gets the stereotypical lower quality brand.
  • You only have one income source while enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. So, if for some reason Kindle Unlimited ends or readers cancel their Kindle Unlimited subscription, you’ll have to start from scratch building your readership.

Kindle Direct Publishing Select is a good choice for new authors since it gives them the opportunity to offer their book in Amazons Kindle Unlimited subscription. It’s a great way to learn about the publishing arena and about book marketing. After the 90-day period is up though, authors should consider going wide in their marketing to include FB ads, paid newsletters, give away the first book in a series and many other marketing techniques.

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