Restore Your Creativity by Writing Something Different

When you feel creative you are inspired to write. The words and ideas flow easily from your mind to your hands. But sometimes creativity stagnates. Your creativity and ideas seem to get stuck no matter what you do. You can’t force creativity so don’t push yourself too much. But there are several ways you can get back on track.

One way to restore your creativity is to write something other than what you normally would. For example, if you normally write fiction romance try writing a short sci-fi story. If you normally write business marketing materials, let your creativity free by free writing a fictional story in paranormal genre.

Letting your subconscious work freely is the way to jumpstart your creativity. Don’t force it. Creativity comes only when you open-up. Take it easy and let your mind wander to see what comes.

Challenge yourself by giving writing in a different genre you don’t know well. Try writing about an event from your life in the style of the genre, for example as a crime fiction story. This gets your mind thinking differently and opens the door to restore your creativity.

Write poetry for a day instead of your normal genre. Poetry can be a great way to enhance your creativity simply by being silly in your rhyming or from the short sentences you write in a poem. Poetry doesn’t have to make sense, but it does have to be creative.

Another way to restore your creativity is to journal. This is simply another form of writing, but it lets you sharpen your powers of observation. When you are attuned with the world around you, you see things more creatively.

Push yourself to describe places you visit in detail. Who lives there? How do they look? What are they wearing? What do they smell like? What type of food or plants, architecture, or animals do you see? Record conversations you have with people you meet. This helps to open-up your senses allowing in creative thoughts and descriptions.

Freewriting is another option to consider. Freewriting is a creative writing technique where you write without any prescribed structure, no outline, cards, notes or any other editorial oversight. You simply follow the impulses of your mind, allowing your thoughts and inspiration to flow as you write. The piece doesn’t have to have a real story. It can be random thoughts, from one to the next. It might be unusable material, but it helps to restore your creativity.

One way to do freewriting, or any writing to get the creativity flowing, is to listen to music. Classical style works best. Let your mind relax and just listen to the music. Let it inspire you to write whatever comes to mind. The first time you free write, you may end up with mostly unusable material, but it helps to reawaken your creativity.

It might seem silly to do some of these things. After all, you aren’t working on what you want or need to be. But it’s amazing how these simple changes in what you’re writing can cure your creative block and make writing exciting again.

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