The #1 Way to Sell More Books

You’ve spent countless hours and thousands of dollars to get your book written, edited, and ready for publishing. Now you’re ready to make sales from your work. As an author, you want to sell more books. You know some ways are better than others when it comes to marketing. But what is the number one way to sell more books?

The first thing is that you need more than one book to be able to sell more. It’s much easier to market if you have a series of at least three books because your advertising dollars go further. And readers of one of your books often come back to read more of your books and recommend them to their friends.

One of the best ways to sell books, then, is through word of mouth utilizing social media and your newsletter. This is because you should be forging genuinely friendly relationships with your readers and other authors in your genre. They can share your work on social media and their blogs while you do the same for them. This is a way of cross promotion that is free marketing.

When you are on social media don’t just post about your books, though. Post about what’s going on in your life (the good things), your pets and inspiring stories. You should also be posting when you have new releases coming out. Online relationships are built by being open about who you are and where you stand on the topics that are important to your readers. Build a community of excited and friendly readers.

Build your author platform so readers know where you are, how to follow you and how to contact you. You should have a Facebook author page, a Facebook group about your books or genre, an author website and blog, an Instagram and Twitter account and a LinkedIn account.

Create an Amazon author and book pages. Fill out the area with key phrases in your book descriptions and keywords in your book sales page on Amazon so it gets the attention of who is looking for that specific keyword. Hook you author page to your website so it shows you latest blog posts. Use all the features Amazon offers to help your audience discover you and your products.

Create an email list. Offer them a free chapter from one of your books. An email list is worth the effort it takes to maintain. Email your list regularly with a newsletter, as well as when you post something relevant, want to encourage them to respond to your tweet, and when you announce new releases, among many other things.

If you want to do advertising, use targeted Facebook ads to reach your ideal readers. Target readers who like specific books you’re giving away or readers who like the specific genre.

The number one way to sell more books is to have more than one book that creates a buzz within your target market. Word of mouth gets people on your sales page and tempts them to buy your books.

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