The Ups & Downs of Being a Writer

Every profession has its ups and downs. Being a writer isn’t going to be an exception to that rule-of-thumb. In fact, the life of a writer has many ups and downs, failures, and successes. Like every success, it can be a bumpy ride.

Writing the book is only the beginning. There are endless promotions, rejections, sales fluctuations, and a whole host of other obligations and distractions. But there are also many highs in the profession as well. Let’s look at the negatives first.

The Negative Side of Writing

  • Writer’s block is a major issue for many. Some days you sit there paralyzed by the blank screen, watching that cursor taunt you. It’s a battle to progress through your story or article or whatever you’re writing.
  • Lack of motivation is another big problem of being a writer. Sometimes you just don’t feel like writing. This is when you must make it a habit of writing every day.
  • Self-doubt can keep you from writing. Will your readers like it? Is this character truly represented? Was my editing thorough? Will I finish my book by the deadline? Is the story believable? Is my writing good enough? All of these and more plague many writers. You may be anxious, worried, and uncertain that what you’re writing is bad.
  • Topics are hit or miss. Sometimes you hit on a good topic that goes over well. The next time readers hate it. Finding the balance of good topics can be stressful.
  • Fluctuating sales. This is a problem not only writers face. But it can feel like you’re on a roller coaster of financial disaster sometimes. You don’t know from one month to the next if your sales will level out.
  • Lack of focus keeps you on the downside of writing. Lack of focus prevents you from finishing projects. Focusing on too many different writing projects, on the other hand, can also cause you to not hit the finish line.
  • Interruptions and distractions interrupt the flow of your writing.
  • Dealing with criticism and critiques.

The Positive Side of Writing

  • You can let your creativity flow freely. You can dream and create your story lines out of pure imagination. You have endless ideas you want to explore.
  • Freedom to make the final decisions on your project, to write what you want to write or to take on the writing jobs you are excited about.
  • Successful completion of your work. Seeing it published and having adoring fans who love your work are all pluses in the field of writing.
  • You get to touch others’ lives. As a writer, you can make an impact on your reader in a very authentic way.
  • You get to bond with writers, editors, publishers, and your readers. You can build and ever-growing network of friends that often face the same challenges you do.
  • You are paid to do what you love to do: writing.
  • You can bring important stories to light. Stories that need to be told can bring you a sense of wonder and awe.
  • Writers get to work from anywhere: at the beach, in a coffee shop, on vacation, in a mountain cabin.
  • Being a writer means you’re constantly learning something new every day. You’re a lifelong student from the researching of unfamiliar topics or finding new techniques to craft your stories.
  • You get to be unique, creating your piece in your own unique way.

Like any of the billions of other professions, being a writer has its ups and downs. Only you can determine whether the ups and downs are worth the work and is a good option for you.

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