Things Writers Need to Stop Worrying About

As writers, we often worry about things that aren’t really warranted. This keeps us from never starting or continuing with our writing. Some writers worry about their craft and the writing process. Others worry about the business side of writing. This constant worry hinders you into moving forward. Here are five things you should let go of as a writer.

1. Idea stealing is one of the biggest concerns many new writers have, especially when they talk about it on social medial platforms or in the self-publishing arena. Let’s face it, ideas are a dime a dozen but when it comes down to it, it’s the value of the writing that sets you apart.

Stay on the safe side, if you’re worried about idea stealing, by being careful who and where you share your work with. There are legal steps you can take if they don’t comply. Remember no two stories will ever be the same because we all have different views and experiences.

2. It might be difficult to ignore negative talk from critics and others. It’s going to happen. No matter how good your work is, there will always be some who don’t like it. You might get criticism from well-meaning friends, family, or fellow writers. You’ll get advice on your work, your titles, the cover, and every area of your work.

Don’t waste your time worrying what everyone else thinks, though. The ones you want to please are yourself and your ideal readers or fans. You do have to learn to accept criticism. Some will be good, and some will be bad. Just use the good, to make your work better and shrug off unhelpful bad reviews and criticisms.

3. When you worry about your book not hitting the bestseller list, you’re forgetting the reason for initially writing your book. Sure, it’s a privilege to be on this list, but most authors won’t ever be on it. Even if you do hit the list, it doesn’t necessarily get you much. Your book, if it’s well written, will get you authority and credibility in your niche without the bestseller list label.

4. Making the first draft or first book perfect is a big worry that causes many writers to not finish. This hurdle trips up writers when they think their work won’t be good enough or the first draft must be perfect even before it goes to the editor. It won’t be perfect; that’s the beauty of the first draft and editing.

So just write and forget about making it perfect. That means you don’t edit the beginning, middle, or the end of the book before you’ve finished writing it. It means stop waiting on others to validate your writing.

5. Many writers worry their work isn’t totally original. You’ve probably heard the saying, “There’s nothing new under the sun”. It’s almost impossible to invent a new idea. The storytelling techniques, the themes, character types and other elements of storytelling have been covered in some form over the many decades of publishing. However, you can make the way you tell your story unique. Put your own spin on the idea with your writing style, your expression, and the types of characters you use.

Most novice writers, as well as many experienced writers fall into the trap of worrying. They all worry over their skill, the publication process, or about making their book perfect. They worry about critics or becoming a bestseller. But if they put everything into perspective and realize that none of these things matter So, stop worrying and just write.

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