Why Is Your Audience Buying

Do you know why your audience is buying? This is the first thing you need to understand before you begin marketing to them. You need to know your customers like and what motivates them to buy. That means you need to know as much as possible about your ideal audience, who will become repeat buyers.

Getting to Know Your Audience

You want to dig deep to learn why they need your product, why they want to learn something you are teaching or do they just like it. Did they buy it because it’s on sale or they had a coupon? Digging deeper into your customer profile helps you answer these questions.

Building an audience profile helps you understand why they are buying. It includes more than the demographics like location, age, interests, and gender. It includes a lot more. Your target audience profile can include:

  • The baseline demographics like their age, gender, and income as well as education level completed and geographic information.
  • What shared challenges they face. This answers why they are looking for your product.
  • Their goals. Is it to be healthier? Do they want a product that lets them do it themselves or one that inspires them?
  • How do they communicate? Are they active on social media or do they prefer email, text message or phone?
  • How do they make decisions? Are they more impulse buyers because something is on sale or some other reason? Do they do a lot of research before buying?
  • What triggers them to buy from you or others?
  • What time of year do they buy big-ticket items? How often do they buy books or digital products?
  • What things do your customers do or feel before buying? What are they willing to spend? Do they like a discount?

Look at data from your current and past sales. Analytics on your site, platforms that help you determine attribution and existing customer data help you see where, why, and how often do they buy? This info gives you an idea of what motivates them to purchase at a specific time or within a price point range. You can also use these audience or customer profiles to help you segment your audience based on past behaviors.

Purchase Intent

Demographic information doesn’t always tell you the whole story though. This is where you need to learn to understand their purchase intent. This refers to the mindset of your audience related to purchasing.

Purchase intent takes demographics into account, as well as, content consumption, their behaviors, the devices they use to purchase, and the channels they buy from. This gives you a better picture of the path your potential customer takes to purchase. That way you can target them in a way that moves them to each next logical step in your funnel towards buying.

Knowing the reasons behind your customers purchases helps in how you market to them. Dig into your analytics, look at recent purchases of competitors and talk to potential customers on social media on what motivates them to purchase something.

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