Which Content Types Pay Best?

Types of content

To get paid well as freelance writer, you want to work with clients who have a budget to pay well. But even with that, business owners needing certain types of content tend to pay more than for other content.  Knowing which types of content pay the best is your first step to reaching your income goals.

Long Form Blog Posts

The pros of this type of content are that blog posts that are in-depth and cover a lot of information tend to pay more. The reason is that a post that goes very deep into the topic requires a lot more expertise to accomplish. But the con is that it will take you a lot more work than a more general post.

You may need to interview subject matter experts or read other published works from your client, and do a lot of time-consuming research to get a long-form post of 2000 words or more to be informative, engaging and actionable enough that people will want to read it and act on the calls to action.

Email Sequences

If you understand how funnels work and are good at writing persuasive copy you may be good at creating email sequences that market a particular product of your clients to their audience who is signed up for their email list.

The best part of this type of content is that usually, emails are not long. However, this particular type of email can earn your clients a lot of money. Therefore, the pay is higher since it includes conversational writing, product knowledge, audience knowledge, and copywriting skills. However, they may take more background work that you’ll have to rely on your client being able to give you.

Specialized Content

Any type of content that requires expert knowledge is going to pay more. For example, if you’re a nurse who wants to write about topics relating to your nursing expertise you can charge a lot more for that than if you were writing about organizing your home using items from Ikea which you can learn from a magazine and no education.

The positives of this, of course, are that if you can take education, you already have and apply it to your new writing career that is going to give you a profitable niche to work in automatically. The downside is you may want to leave that profession even if it’s your expertise. You may not like it anyway.

Case Studies

You may notice a theme. Longer, more specific content pays more. A case study usually includes discussion of a problem, with mention of one or more solutions along with the proven results and the conclusion you want the audience to come through when they read the case study.

The cons of doing case studies are that you must collect the information from the client to produce the case study. Give yourself enough time to ensure your client gets the information to you promptly. The plus though is that you can charge a premium for this type of work since case studies are longer and take more time and a more professional type of writing.

Sales Page Copywriting Plus Audio & Video Scripts

With all the YouTube videos, webinars, and podcasts that abound today, it’s no wonder that you can charge a premium for scripts. Usually, these are focused on specific sales related scripts. For example, a video that goes on the sales page. These videos can also be put on YouTube but think of it as a sales page video.

You need a lot of knowledge about copywriting to create scripts for video sales pages and marketing videos. That’s the downside. However, if you have a skill for writing in a persuasive way you can get it done. If you can write a sales page that gets results, you can do this.


A white paper usually includes a client interview or subject matter expert interview, plus collecting lots of proof, research, and information that goes into the whitepaper. For this reason, it takes more time, and it is long so that will garner a larger fee.

The con of this is that white papers are long. It can take months to create one due to the back and forth necessary. They always include a table of contents, images, examples, and so much more. It’s a lot of work. However, it’s satisfying work because when you’re done with it, it’s a great sales tool for your client.

As a business owner, it’s imperative to remember that you are the one who sets your fees. Not the client. The client establishes a budget, and they choose who to hire based on a combination of budget and other factors. But you don’t have to take work if it doesn’t pay what you want to be paid. In fact, you should not take jobs that pay less than what you feel that you’re worth. If you are having issues getting the pay you want, you may want to try a different audience.

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