Would Your Marketing Strategy Work on You

Have you ever thought about your marketing strategy in the way you buy things? Does it work for you? If your marketing strategy includes Facebook add or Retweets, is it something you, as a buyer, buy from? Understanding the way your customers buy is key to building a marketing strategy. You want to sell your products or books but if your marketing tactic turns them off, you won’t make sales.

Knowing the diverse types of marketing, helps you understand what needs to go into your own marketing strategy. Review different examples and tactics from other, similar, product-sellers to help you determine what types of marketing are a good fit for your type of business.

When you know the types of marketing that benefits your business the most, you can then spend your time and resources on those activities that give you the best return for your business.

Your marketing strategy should be as unique as your business is. Every business is different. They each have their own set of products, different services, unique audiences, and long-range goals.

Develop your marketing strategy by considering where your business is now, how it was done in the past, how you want to market in the future, and where you want your business to be in the next few years. Then you can design your marketing strategy.

Elements to Include in Your Strategy

  • Research – Do you research on your market and your competitors to better understand what already being done and the types of marketing they are using successfully.
  • Target customers – Dig into the research to get to know your target customers. Go beyond the basic demographics to include details on their buying preferences, behaviors and what motivates them to buy.
  • Marketing Tools – Decide on the tactics you are going to use in your marketing plan that make the most sense for your business.

Once you have done your research you need to decide on the type of marketing that works best. There are many different marketing types to consider such as content marketing, blog/website marketing, SEO marketing, social media marketing, social media advertising, email marketing, google advertising, etc.

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