How to Secure Recurring Work as a Freelancer

One of the easier ways to maintain a steady income through freelancing is by getting the same clients to give you ongoing and regular work.

Stephanie Watson is an inspirational woman who took her writing skills and turned them into a living by writing for clients from home. She’s being doing this over 20 years and in this short clip, Stephanie Watson discusses how she got recurring work from her clients, instead of having to get new clients each time.

Advice from Stephanie

For her local business clients, Stephanie offers a choice of working with her month to month or they can save money with a yearly contract. Most clients select the yearly option.


Don’t wait for your clients to decide to give you a contract…ask for it. Give them an incentive for signing on with you for a longer term and show them how working with you regularly will benefit them.

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Client Acquisition Templates

These templates are useful, no matter what services you offer and the package comes complete with:

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  • 30 Ways to Get Referrals from Your Clients
  • Cold Email & Cold Email Follow-up Templates
  • Event Follow-Up Email
  • After Consultation Email
  • Request for Testimonials Email
  • Request for Referrals Email
  • Get More Work Email
  • Offer for Retainer Email
  • Introduction Email
  • Client Engagement Email

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