How to Get More Clients for Your Writing or Any Business to Business Service

How to Get More Clients

Stephanie Watson is an inspirational woman who took her writing skills and turned them into a living by writing for clients from home. She’s being doing this over 20 years and in this short clip, Stephanie Watson discusses how she managed to gather clients.

If you’re nervous about writing for clients, you’ll definitely appreciate this and know you’re not alone.

Advice from Stephanie

Stephanie got her start in the 90s, so finding online clients that way wasn’t so easy. She had a brochure and she would go locally door-to-door to gather clients.

But when it came to gathering clients online, Stephanie was smart enough to be involved in a number of Internet marketing communities, so was well known amongst marketers. So when she offered her services, she was able to secure one client and build from there.

But she was very nervous about her first job and was worried she’d mess it up…and confesses it took her hours to complete her first online project. But she did such a great job she continued to get work from this client and new business was referred to her because of that.

She says she doesn’t actively market her services as her schedule is fairly full and she’s transitioning to writing more for herself rather than others.

Key Takeaways:

We absolutely love this and see this play out over and over again with people who are looking to make money from home. Once you wow one satisfied client, it grows from there. And once you have that income coming in, you can look to other more passive ways to use your writing skills to generate an income.

But notice one key thing that Stephanie did. She was networking and involved in groups (probably message boards at that time) where she would meet potential clients. She didn’t have to use freelance sites and bid on projects because there were already people she knew that would hire her.

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