Instagram 2019 Statistics & Best Practices for Brands

2019 Instagram Statistics

Over 200 million people sign into their Instagram accounts each and every day…and one billion use it each month, making it a platform worth paying attention to.

But online marketers often get frustrated because it’s not a platform that makes it easy to share links. HOWEVER, it’s the perfect platform for growing a loyal following, good branding and plenty of traffic…if you do it right. And when you consider it has a 2.2% interaction rate which is MUCH bigger than Facebook’s 0.22% rate, there is plenty of potential.

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The tone and the content on Instagram is vastly different from Facebook and Twitter. While you may see plenty of political rants, arguments, and offensive statements on other platforms, Instagram’s audience is generally more relaxed. Of course, you can still find this stuff going on on Instagram too, but you have to look for it.

These users are typically focused on posting feel-good content. Some of the most popular hashtags on the network include…

• #love
• #instagood
• #photooftheday
• #fashion
• #beautiful
• #happy
• #cute
• #tbt
• #art
• #selfie

Two Best Practices for Brands on Instagram

Hashtags are Still King on Instagram

Hashtags aren’t popular on every social network. People rarely use them on Facebook but love them on Twitter. So, should your brand use hashtags on Instagram?

Yes, you should. Instagram limits hashtags to 30 per caption. That number may sound high but many users opt for 5-15 hashtags per photo. Not only can you use dozens of hashtags, but they’re also very popular on Instagram. Users frequently search using hashtags so they can discover new content.

But keep in mind that Instagram doesn’t want you spamming. Don’t add hashtags to your photo simply because they receive a lot of traffic. Only use a tag like “#dogsofinstagram” if there’s actually a dog in your photo or if your image is related to the topic.

You should also use your own branded hashtag with your photos. This makes it easy for people who are already fans of your company or product to find you easily on Instagram. It’s also a terrific way to inspire others to post about your products.


One thing that sets Instagram apart is that links in your captions aren’t actual links. Users can’t click through that link to get to your website. Instead, users have to navigate to your profile and click the link in your bio. Many people use the phrase “link in bio” so their followers know how to find the content they’re posting about.

Most marketers and brands use this link to drive traffic back to their main website. That’s a good idea but it’s not the best use for this space.

Instead, update your bio link and replace it with the one page on your site that you want your Instagram users to visit. If you’re uploading a photo to promote your new blog post, then change the link in your Instagram bio to that post. It might be challenging to do this but it’s a simple tactic to direct traffic where you need it to go.

And remember, when you reach 10,000 followers, you can get active links in your stories, which gives you TONS of potential for traffic.

What to Do Next: Get 50 Done-for-You Instagram Templates

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Here’s a quick peek at the templates…

Fill-in-the-Blanks Instagram Templates

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