Are you limiting your traffic opportunities? Probably…

It’s Alice from Elite Writer’s Lab. Ron’s around too, but being a bit of a technophobe, I wanted to reach out to you on this one myself.

If you’re looking to expand your reach to grow your audience of potential customers and clients, it’s easy to hit a brick wall if you’re limiting the ways you try to drive traffic.

We talk to a lot of writers and information publishers and they always say they need to venture into paid ads…and are looking at advertising through Facebook…but they feel intimidated by the whole process.

Even though Ron is a master at that stuff…I certainly know how that feels.

As a writer, I just love to write content and grow my traffic organically. And sometimes I avoid doing stuff because it seems too technical and so I limit my ability to grow. I learned that’s a HUGE mistake because all that content I’ve created can be in front of more potential customers because I let myself get out of my comfort zone and learn something new.

Here’s one thing I’ve learned about ensuring success with Facebook Ads and it’s something that Ron himself taught me and that’s ENGAGEMENT.

If you’re frustrated with spending money on Facebook ads but not seeing much return (or you haven’t even tried yet), this is important stuff. Whether you need this information for your own business, to get more interest in your books or for the services you provide for your clients, this is critical.

Here are 3 important tips for Facebook engagement…

Facebook is all about the user experience. They make money by running ads, but the last thing they want to do is frustrate their users with the paid ads and make them want to leave…they would be losing business then.

Therefore, they love it when ads get a lot of good engagement because it shows that Facebook users really like the ad. To them, it’s a win-win situation, so they reward ads that have good engagement with a ton of inexpensive clicks and impressions.

To improve your engagement:

1. Ensure your ads are targeted to the right people. You can base your ads based on geographic location, advertising, age, interests, income, occupation and more. You can also target your own customers/subscribers or previous website visitors to get an even more likely response.

2. Post content your audience will be passionate about. You can use controversial topics, polls and other content designed to get a reaction from those who view your ad. Take a look at the ads in your own Facebook stream and see which ones are getting the most engagement.

3. Test your images. You might be surprised at how different images will perform in your ads. You can test the use of text that illustrate a benefit of your ad (ex. “Free Trial”), but do keep in mind that Facebook only allows 20% of your image to be text. If you’re showing people in your image, happy people tend to get more engagement, but you can certainly test this with your unique ad.

Those are just a few tips to get you started. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to set up a successful ad campaign and there is some trial and error involved, but luckily we have some Facebook Ad templates we’ve developed for you as well…and you can save 30% on these templates if you enter coupon code: FBADS

We’ve also got 27 Facebook ad examples and ideas for you. It’s a free to download guide you can get right here.