Working Smart or Just Working Hard?

Here’s something that most writers and online business owners struggle with – working too hard for not enough return. Even when the returns are good, the hours can be grueling.

We know. We’ve DEFINITELY been there.

As work at home parents, we can’t afford to be sitting at our computer 24/7. We chose to run our online businesses because we want to be home with our kids, but at home glued to a computer screen isn’t like being at home.

Even if you don’t have a child or a spouse, a business or writing venture should not become your entire life.

Add to that, it’s a recipe for burn out and a dismal life that revolves around a computer. At first, building your business and working on your writing really may seem exciting, but then you look up and realize there’s nothing else in your life.

So, how do you work smarter and not harder? In other words, how do you make more money with less personal time invested in your business.

To us, it comes down to 3 key points:

* Value your time
* Leverage the strengths and time of others
* Implement Passive Income Models into your Business

Here’s some more thoughts on each of those…

1. Value Your Time:

You need to set and limit your working hours. You probably run your business or wanted to be a writer, so you can stay home with your family&/or have more freedom to do what you’d like. Well, being a prisoner to your computer doesn’t do either of those things for you.

In addition, when you limit your work time, you are more productive. If you have only 3 hours to get work done, you’re more likely to stay focused and do what you need to do. If you have set aside the whole day to work, you’ll probably slack off and hang out at forums, check your stats endlessly or find other distractions. Sorry to say – that’s NOT working.

2. Leverage The Strength & Time of Others:

Don’t think of yourself as a solo entrepreneur or writer…think of yourself as a team. You can leverage the strength and time of others by:

– Outsourcing: Never try to do it all yourself.

– Find Project and Business Partners: Your competition doesn’t need to be your enemy. Partner with others reaching the same target market as you.

– Set Up Your Affiliate Program: Get other website owners and writers to promote your products and services in return for a commission.

– Mastermind: Become part of create a mastermind group that shares business strategies and experiences.

3. Implement Passive Income Models Into Your Business:

Outsourcing and having your own well-managed affiliate program are ways to generate passive income. Other ways to add more passive income to your online business are:

Join affiliate programs of other writers and companies: All you do is promote products you love and earn a commission when you make a sale. You don’t have to fulfill all the orders and provide customer support.

Learn search engine optimization (SEO): Search engine optimization is an excellent source of highly-targeted traffic for your website. Just think, people enter a keyword phrase for something they want and voila, they find you.

Use autoresponders: Effectively automate your follow-up process with our prospect and customers.

Backend Sales & Upsells: When someone is already going to buy from you once, they’re more likely to buy more. Make sure you make extra offers.

When you’re just working for work’s sake, it can be tough to see the big picture of your business and really plan for your growth. When you’re able to step back and have time to strategize and plan, you’ll grow much more quickly and with much less stress.

So please, stop doing so much work! Your business, family and friends will thank you for it!

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