The Secret to Building a Loyal, Motivated Audience

In this interview snipped, Lynn Terry talks about building a motivated, loyal audience and the answer is simple.

Lynn says it’s important to stay actively engaged to grow your loyal audience.

“You want to inspire, educate, motivate, help, share and respond to your market. Stay actively engaged with your market; on your own site, in your own email lists, in your social media channels and anywhere else your market is located.

Write this down: My market. Go where they are.”

Alice points out that Lynn made a subtle distinction in how your audience behaves:

“You said they’re getting results or they’re at least inspired to get results, which is important because we all do it. We spend money on things we don’t use, but they’re inspired. They want to get results. They may not do anything, but they want to follow along.”

Key Takeaway from Alice and Ron:

It’s easy to find your audience and engage with them. They’ll feel like they know, they’ll want to see your progress and will be motivated to create your own. You don’t have to utilize every possible channel to connect with them, but select a few and use them to their fullest.

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