Secrets to Getting Follows on Social Media and Online

In this interview clip, Lynn Terry talks about why people follow certain people and reveals secrets to growing your online audience.

Lynn says:

There are several reasons why people follow a certain person or a certain blog. It’s educational. It’s entertainment. It’s likeability. It could be info-entertainment so its information entertainment.

Some people say they cannot be as out loud as me. But I haven’t always been this connected with my audience or as public with my lifestyle. That is something I grew into. It took a couple of years to find my voice and connect with my audience. So, you’re not going to get that right off the bat.

The other thing is my life is not all that public. There are a lot of things I don’t share publicly.

Alice also points out:

You are creating the story so you can share what you want and not share what you don’t want people to know. You’re really good at sharing your troubles and how you got out of them but you’re doing it in a way that is inspiring others. It’s not about airing all your dirty laundry, but carefully choosing what you share. It gets your audience interested in a little drama which people love drama.

Key Takeaway from Alice and Ron:

People love to connect with people they feel are real. They want to see struggles, so show them struggles but ensure you also show how you found solutions because that’s the key to being seen as an authority.

And like Lynn says, you don’t have to share everything. You select what your audience sees, so choose wisely to engage them and give them a glimpse of you that will keep them wanting more.

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