Stop Chasing Work and Start Attracting Clients

Attract More Clients

Many freelancers give up eventually. They get tired and find a normal job. The main reason is due to not understanding how to attract clients. Instead, they simply do a few one-off projects that pay low and are not very satisfying or lucrative.

Eventually, this weighs on them because of the uncertainty, the inability to create a stable income, and feeling as they’re always working. Then they give up. Thankfully, you don’t need to give up. You’re going to learn right now how to start attracting clients instead of chasing work. The answer involves developing a freelance writing sales funnel.

Leads and Prospects

Finding leads that you can develop into prospects is a lot easier if you have a sales funnel because a lot of the process of turning someone into a qualified prospect happens automatically. Just for future reference, a lead becomes a prospect after engaging with you in a way that shows they are qualified to purchase and will purchase although it might not be from you.

To generate leads, you need to get your message out to more people. You can blog, post on social sites, and go to networking events. You can also get listed on various writer sites if you join their organization. You can also create a lead magnet for your ideal client to help convert them to your email list where you can nurture them with automatic emails that you previously created.

Where Does Your Ideal Client Get Their Information?

One thing to keep in mind is that you want to know your clients enough that they want what you offer. All you must do is put it in front of them where they are. It’s much easier selling to someone who already needs what you are offering than trying to convince people that they need to hire a writer. Find people who you know need writers and like to hire freelancers and make yourself known to them.

When you find leads, who need your services, then it’s time to qualify them. It’s easier if they qualify or disqualify themselves which is where your own content on your own site, in your email autoresponder messages, in your questionnaires, and on your website is going to help weed out people.

Nurture Your Existing and Former Clients Plus Prospects

Segment each of these groups but ensure that you generate enough messages and information for them to learn about your services and availability. Send your blog posts to them, like their posts on social media, answer questions they ask wherever they’re asking them, and if possible, you may want to call them to check up on them depending on your niche and audience.

You can also deliver retargeting advertisements to them once they visit your site using a pixel or sign up for your email list using their email address. Even old clients might like seeing an advertisement from you about a special you’re having when they’re on Facebook talking to their family. Since they know you, they’ll appreciate being told about it, and since people don’t always open email, this is a great way to do it.

Finally, once someone signs up for a discovery call or otherwise wants to set up a contract with you the key to working with clients over one-off work is to go for clients who need regular work completed. PLR salespeople, popular bloggers, YouTube stars, coaches, and so many more people need regular content. Think of all the content you need to market your business to attract prospects into your funnel. They need the same thing only written to a different audience.

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