A Quick Tip for Closing the Sale through LinkedIn

LinkedIn Strategies Interview

Here’s an excerpt from our interview with Antonio Thornton about getting clients from LinkedIn. He has some smart advice for closing the sale once you get the client on the phone.

Watch or read the quick summary below.

Here’s what Antonio has to say…

Closing a sale through LinkedIn is pretty much the same as anywhere else and here’s a quick rundown.

Once you get on the phone with Mark. You listen. Listen to what he has to say to where he needs help.

Then sum it up for him. Say “Mark, it sounds like you have this and this but need help with this and this.”

When he confirms, you say, I can help you with that.

If you cannot personally help them with what they need, can you connect them with someone who can? If you can provide that connection, it’s valuable to them. At that point, they owe you a favor. Maybe they can help you make connections. Maybe they will need your services later on.

In addition, you also have a favor owed to you by the other person. So, if they say thanks for the referral, it turned into a profitable contract. Can I take you to lunch? You can say, no but you can send me some referrals.

The whole idea of the LinkedIn process is to listen to what they need and fill the gap however you can. If it’s with your own services, that’s fantastic. If it’s with helping them make connections, that’s great too because it will help you gain referrals as well.

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