How to Create a Facebook Story

Facebook Story Features

If you’re trying to create a Facebook Story to create your business…good news! It’s easy to do. Let’s run through the basics of getting it done.

To create a story, go to your Facebook Page or Group (or do it from your personal profile if you’re uploading to your personal profile) on your mobile device.

Just click to “add to story” and you can upload a picture or video or take a photo to upload. Don’t worry about having your story completely ready, you can add text and other effects before you publish your story.

Just remember, photos and videos will be in portrait format. You CAN add landscape. Videos can be up to 20 seconds long.

Once you have your content, you can add filters, masks, and/or text or doodles. Save each image on your camera roll before moving on to the next image just in case—you don’t want to lose all your hard work.

Facebook Story Features
Add text to your stories.
Facebook Story Features
Add locations, times, polls, tag people and add stickers.
Facebook Story Features
Doodle on your stories.

Facebook Stories offer a wide range of special effects. Try them out over time, but avoid creating cluttered stories, so think minimalistic. Too many effects can overwhelm your viewers as well as obscure the image or video’s purpose.

Your main goal is to present your business in its best possible light. You want your work to stand out without looking unprofessional or gaudy. Stick to your brand color scheme as much as possible to aid in brand awareness.

The text overlay will probably be your most important tool.  You can use it to create your cover page, section pages, captions on images, and more. You may also want to consider using the paintbrush and pen tools to highlight items in your stories.

Facebook offers 3 publishing options. You can post your content to your mobile timeline, directly to one or more friends/connections (using the “@” symbol and their name), or to your story. This variety of options makes it easy for you to send your stories specifically to the people who would be most interested in the information.

Now, if that’s a bit confusing…there’s nothing to worry about. We’ve made a bunch of templates for you. Just add your text and/or images and go…

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