LinkedIn Strategies: Know & Locate Your Target Market

LinkedIn Strategies Interview

Here’s an excerpt from our interview with Antonio Thornton about getting clients from LinkedIn. In this video, Antonio explains the importance of recognizing your preferred target audience and finding them on LinkedIn.

Watch or read the quick summary below.

Here’s what Antonio has to say…

With LinkedIn, you will be building one-on-one relationships like you would at any live event. You want to keep the same principles you have with any marketing you do. You want to focus on two things – your market and your message. It’s your foundation.

Your market is the people you are talking to. It’s a group of people with a commonality. You hope the commonality is that they want or need the thing that you sell.

Your message is what you are saying to these people to help them make the decision you want them to make; to buy your stuff, hire you, to donate, to volunteer or whatever the case may be.

When you know who your market is, you know what to say to them. Using LinkedIn, let’s look at this example. If you’re going after IT folks, you would search for IT firms. Who you contact within those firms depends on what you are trying to get them to do. If you want to write technical documents for their firm, you would locate the person who would be hiring the people who write those documents. This might be the CEO or CMO. So, in LinkedIn, you first search for the companies, then you start targeting those people.

For the messaging, if you’re targeting the CEO or CMO of IT firms, you need to know the language needed to reach them. You want a USP. You want a strong message but it has to be written in the way in which it will interest them.

LinkedIn is free but they have upgrade options. I recommend using the Sales Navigator because it allows you to do a lot more, a lot deeper searches. If you want to find the CMO of tech firms in Atlanta, Georgia that have fewer than 50 employees, you can do that with Sales Navigator.

This is important because a firm with two employees will have different concerns than a firm with a thousand employees. They are two very different companies so you have to treat them differently in your messages.

LinkedIn offers a 30-day trial when you sign up. But you want to identify your target market before you sign up. Because time is ticking once you sign up, you want to be able to hit the floor running when you sign up so be sure to know who you are targeting before you sign up.

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