Great News! Everyone Can Teach

Connie Green

It doesn’t matter where you are in life, we all have something to teach someone and that means that anyone can build an online business centered around teaching / writing. Perhaps, we aren’t the top expert in the subject…but there are always people who can benefit from what we know and when you’re a patient teacher, you build a loyal audience.

Here’s a really quick excerpt from our interview with Connie Ragen Green that talks about the very simple, but powerful idea of teaching. Connie is a former school teacher turned online marketer, who know brings her teaching skills to the digital world.

Quick Thoughts about Teaching from Connie:

All of us have it in us to teach something to someone. We’ve all taught someone else how to do something. So when I spend time with my online mastermind members, really we’re working together and it’s just like being back in the classroom where you patiently explain something¬†and let people ask questions even if it’s over and over again.

The kids in class used to say, “Don’t bug Mrs. Green. She already told you that. Don’t ask her again.”

I’d say, “You can ask me a million times. If I get tired of teaching it. That means I’m not the right teacher and I shouldn’t be here with all of you.”

When someone gets it, let them explain it to someone else. That is very empowering for others and you’ve helped the third person to learn in a much easier way.

Take Aways:

Information products are essentially made by learning how to do something, doing it, then teach other people to do it too by creating the information products. You don’t need a teaching degree like Connie to make it happen. This is the basic information marketing model and we all can do it.

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