How to Get High Profile Writing Clients

Colin Theriot

In an interview with Cult of Copy’s Colin Theriot, he talks about going from basically being a “nobody” writing copy for online marketers to being well known in the industry for getting results and knowing his stuff.

Here’s an excerpt where Ron talks about Colin’s brilliant strategy of finding someone with authority status and even offering to work for free, just so you can leverage that experience to get more valuable connections, clients and authority.

Key Take Aways:

* Start with One Person: Work with people who have authority status and do something meaningful for them, even if it’s volunteering and get them to do a testimonial. Name drop when appropriate about that so that other people who know who this person in authority is will now look to you to help them move up to that level.

* Focus on Results with Your Clients: Anyone can provide a simple writing service and write for the clients, but if you can deliver RESULTS that improve their business, you are much more valuable and it’s easier to build your authority. So even if you’re a ghostwriter who writes blog posts, if you can create blog posts that build traffic, build your client’s mailing list or effectively sell a product, you have a great opportunity t

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