How to Get More Passive Income as a Writer and Stop Trading Your Time for Money

Colin Theriot

In an interview with Cult of Copy’s Colin Theriot, he talks about going from basically being a “nobody” writing copy for online marketers to being well known in the industry for getting results and knowing his stuff.

One of the ways he illustrated his knowledge and ability was through working hard to get a few clients results on their launches and leveraging that to get a few speaking gigs. From there, he continued to leverage those experiences for more opportunities which eventually allowed him to quit taking clients and earn more passive income from his writing and other skills.

Here’s a quick snippet from that interview on how he went from one speaking gig to many more…

Colin used his connections to get speaking engagements and spoke about topics that interested the audience, branding, copywriting, marketing and so forth.

Once speaking, he networked with more speakers and grew his public profile because there aren’t a lot of copywriters out there being public since most like to stay behind the scenes like Alice.

He says he’s one of the few copywriters that likes making a “public spectacle” of himself. Looking deep there is a story here about comfort zones and moving out of yours to move forward.

Key Takeaways:

* Reputation is the Path to More Income: Your reputation as a writer is key in boosting your business and being able to earn more money…and you can’t always wait for that reputation to build organically. Sometimes you need to be the catalyst to strategically make that happen.

* A Writer Who Lives in a Bubble Stays in a Bubble: You may be a writer, but if you want to sit at your desk and write and not talk to anyone, the route to success will be much harder and you’ll have to continue to trade hours for dollars by focusing on client work only. But if you can slowly build your network and get out of your comfort zone a bit, you’ll have more opportunities to grow your passive income and worry less about finding client work.

* Find Your Unique Offering and Turn That into Profit: That said, you don’t necessarily need to take speaking gigs to boost your reputation and find new income streams. The key here (and as Colin discusses in the interview) is to find the skills you have that others find valuable and turn that into new income streams.

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